Popular slangs that cannabis users use

If you are new to the world of cannabis or just curious, here is where you can learn about all the different slangs used for buying weed. Over time various cultures and sub-cultures have evolved around this herb and thus there are a lot of different terms that are casually thrown around.

Read on to know more about dimes, keys, dubs, and more.

What is a dub of weed?

A dub of weed is a $20 worth of weed. Depending on the area, quality and seller, this might mean anywhere between 1 gram to 4 grams of weed. Generally, it is around 1 to 2 grams of weed. Weed prices vary a lot over time, season and harvests. It also varies based on the strain you are going for.

You will also come across the term ‘dub sack’. This is a related term that simply refers to a small baggie that contains a dub of weed. Again, how much a dub sack contains will vary.

Why is it called a dub?

The word dub originally refers to the size or diameter of wheel rims on cars, which are usually 20 inches. Since marijuana was illegal for a while, it was an easy way to refer to a small amount of weed. $20 was the most common quantity that most sellers would make available, so it was just referred to as a dub of weed to make it convenient and also, discreet. It is much easier than talking in grams because the prices keep fluctuating, and most buyers simply look for something based on their budget.

There’s also the “ten-dollar dub”, which is essentially weed at half-price. This means you get double the weed than what you would normally get for $20. The weight will ultimately depend on the seller and the location.

This is a bag of weed that is worth around $20
A dub of weed refers to a bag of cannabis that costs around $20

What is a dime of weed?

Similar to the dub, a dime of weed is a fixed dollar amount. In this case, it is $10. Depending on the availability and legal status of cannabis at the buying location, the weight of a dime of weed can be somewhere around half a gram to one gram. It can also be less. Prices usually go down as you buy more. So, the per gram cost is much more when you buy small amounts.

Most legal sellers and dispensaries will sell weed by the gram. So, you will have to buy at least one gram and that can be more than $10. Rarely will you find someone who is willing to sell you less than a gram in a single purchase.

Why is it called a dime?

This is yet another leftover term from the days when marijuana was illegal. Since it was necessary to use coded terms to refer to how much of what you want, people looking to buy $10 worth of weed would ask for a dime from their dealer. The dime is, of course, a reference to US currency where one dime is ten cents. So, it was an easy way of communicating how much weed you want to buy.

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What is a nick bag of weed?

A nick bag is similar to a dime. It refers to a fixed dollar amount, which in this case is $5. As you may have guessed by now, that will not get you much in terms of weight. Usually, you would get a quarter of a gram to half a gram at the very maximum. This is usually enough for one joint or two and that is probably what the buyer is looking for.

You will be hard put to find a legal dispensary or seller willing to sell $5 worth of weed unless it is a special offer or as part of a taster pack.

Why is it called a nick?

For reasons similar to dime, nick refers to US currency. It is short of nickel, which is 5 cents in the US. So, the buyer uses this to communicate that they want $5 worth of the herb without giving away what they are actually referring to. Once again, this is a leftover term from the era of illegal cannabis. Marijuana lovers will likely find a pre-rolled joint now for this price and they won’t have to call it a nick of weed.

A nick bag of weed
A nick bag of weed refers to refers $5 worth of cannabis

What is a key of weed?

This is a big one, literally. Unlike the other terms we have explained so far, this actually refers to a fixed weight amount. A key of weed is a kilogram of weed. That’s 1,000 grams! For those who deal in pounds, that’s 2.2 pounds of weed.

The price of such an amount will vary by season and location, but it will be much less than retail cost of the same weed because a kilo will be considered as bulk purchase. Most retail dispensaries will probably not sell that much to an individual unless they are a registered marijuana business like a processor or seller.

Why is it called a key?

A key is short for a kilo. To make it sound benign and part of everyday conversation, buyers and sellers dealing with bulk quantities of illegal herb would often use this code to communicate. So, it is yet another vestige of the years gone by.

What is an 8th of weed?

An eighth of weed is a fixed weight amount that is sold by most physical and online dispensaries. It is usually the smallest amount sold retail and the price varies based on the quality of the strain but is usually around $30 and above. Top shelf buds can go over $40 even.

Why is it called an 8th?

It is a simple weight measure, referring to an eighth of an ounce. Cannabis is mostly sold in ounces and pounds in the US, so it is an easy way to refer to a small amount of weed. Unlike the other terms on this list, this one is still in use and is often used by websites and dispensaries.

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