What are moon rocks how can you smoke them

If smoking bud isn’t doing it for you anymore there are ways you can increase the potency of your weed. Making some moon rocks is one them. These celestial beauties are cannabis buds, soaked in potent hash oil, then dusted with kief, making them a triple threat when it comes to potency and intensity.

Let’s take a closer look at moon rocks and unpack the origins of where they came from and most importantly, how you can smoke them to feel their full impact. We’ll even throw in some helpful tips on how to craft your very own moon rocks at home. If you’re eager to shoot for the stars and elevate your cannabis high, this guide will be your launching pad.

What are moon rocks?

Moonrocks are a potent blend of premium cannabis bud, high-quality hash oil, and a generous sprinkling of kief.

The process begins with a selection of top-shelf cannabis bud. This bud is then thoroughly soaked or sprayed with hash oil, a concentrated form of cannabis. While the bud is still wet and sticky, it is then rolled in kief. Kief, in essence, is the collection of tiny, sticky crystal-like trichomes that naturally occur on cannabis buds.

This triple layering of cannabis, hash oil, and kief results in a product that’s far more potent than your average marijuana bud. The combined effects of these three components make moonrocks a super potent way to take your highs to the next level.

How are moon rocks made?

Creating moonrocks is an art that involves a meticulous layering process. It all starts with a some top shelf bud. Your bud must be fully cured and dried before you start the process.

The second step involves coating this bud with hash oil. This can be done by dipping the bud straight into the oil or applying it with a brush. The idea is to get a thick layer of oil on the bud, but not so much that it drowns the original bud structure. Hash oil will act as a binding agent and significantly increases the potency of the final product.

The final step is to roll your sticky oil-coated bud in kief. Kief, which consists of the resin glands or trichomes of the cannabis plant, adds an additional layer of intensity to the moonrock. The bud should be thoroughly covered with kief, ensuring every bit of hash oil is hidden beneath a powdery layer of these potent crystals.

What are the effects of moon rocks?

The effects of moon rocks differs wildly depending on which strain is used to create them. If you start out with a super potent top shelf bud such as Gorilla Glue then the effects will be much higher than if you used a strain such as Big Bud which has a lower THC level.

So let’s just imagine that you go for a super potent strain. Firstly, you can expect a rapid onset of intense psychoactive effects. Due to the high levels of THC, you will often experience a powerful euphoria that surpasses any typical high from smoking regular cannabis. This effect is often accompanied by a heightened sensory perception, altered time perception, and increased introspection (aka leaving you in deep thought)

Because moon rocks are normally incredibly potent after the initial intense high has began to wear off you will most likely end up in a deep state of relaxation. Most users report a calming body high that may soothe pain and discomfort. This can potentially lead to heavy sedation, making moon rocks a great pre bed smoke.

Also, remember that while the high is more intense, the potential for unwanted side effects such as paranoia or anxiety is also increased. If it is your first time consuming moon rocks, moderation and careful use are key.

How do you smoke moon rocks?

Moon rocks can be enjoyed in several ways. Each method varies slightly, and the best one for you depends on your personal preference and the tools you have at hand. If its your first time consuming them, I’d try to stick with something that you are familiar with.

Moon rocks in a bong

Using a bong to smoke moon rocks can help cool down the smoke, making it smoother on your lungs. To do this, first break up your moon rocks into smaller pieces using your fingers or scissors. Avoid grinders as they can make the moon rocks too fine and lose some kief in the process. Once broken up, place the moon rock pieces in the bowl of your bong, light up, and inhale through the other end.

Moon rocks in a joint

To smoke moon rocks in a joint, you’ll need to mix them with some ground cannabis. Because of their sticky consistency, moon rocks don’t burn well on their own. Break the moon rocks into small pieces and sprinkle them throughout your ground cannabis. Then, roll this mixture up in a joint and light it up, ensuring a more even burn.

Moon rocks in a pipe

Much like using a bong, you’ll need to break the moon rocks into smaller pieces before placing them in your pipe. However, be sure to put a screen at the bottom of the bowl to prevent any small pieces from getting pulled through when you inhale. Once the moon rocks are in place, simply light up and enjoy.

Remember, moon rocks are far more potent than typical cannabis, so adjust your intake accordingly. The experience should be enjoyable, so start slow and savor the journey.

Can you smoke moon rocks on their own?

Technically, yes, you can smoke moon rocks on their own, but it might not be the best way to enjoy them. Because they are so sticky from all of the hash oil, moon rocks do not burn as evenly or consistently as regular cannabis buds when smoked alone.

Also moon rocks have a high THC concentration, and smoking them directly might lead to an overwhelming high, especially for those with lower tolerances or newer to cannabis. Mixing moon rocks with regular ground cannabis can help modulate the potency, allowing you to better control the intensity of your high.

Ideally you should try using a bongs, pipe, or roll them into a joint with regular weed. If you do this you can start out by adding just a little bit, get familiar with the intensity and then gradually increase how much moon rock you mix in as your tolerance builds.

Can you smoke moonrocks without a pipe?

Absolutely! You can use a bong. Much like a pipe, a bong can deliver a cooler and smoother smoke, making the experience more enjoyable. Just break the moon rocks into small pieces and place them into the bowl of your bong. Another popular option is rolling moon rocks into a joint. Because moon rocks can be quite sticky and don’t burn evenly on their own, it’s recommended to mix them with ground cannabis. This combination can ensure a steady, even burn, providing a prolonged smoking session.

Lastly, if you prefer vaping, moon rocks can also be vaped in a dry herb vaporizer. Be sure to set the temperature appropriately to prevent the vaporizer from getting too sticky or clogged.

Can you put moon rocks in a vape?

Yes, moon rocks can indeed be vaped, but with some caution. To do this, you first need to break the moon rocks into smaller pieces. Remember, though, that moon rocks are dense and sticky, making them slightly challenging to handle. Avoid grinding them too finely, as the sticky hash oil and kief can clog your vaporizer.

Once you have your moon rocks prepared, place them in the chamber of your vaporizer. It’s recommended to keep the temperature on the lower end initially, gradually increasing it until you find the sweet spot. Moon rocks can potentially leave more residue than standard cannabis flowers, so a thorough cleaning after each session will ensure your vaporizer stays in good condition.

Vaping moon rocks offers a smoother, more controlled smoke, allowing you to enjoy the powerful effects without the harshness of smoking a joint or bong.

How long does moon rocks keep you high?

Typically, the effects of smoking or vaping moon rocks can be felt within a few minutes and peak within 30 minutes to an hour. However, the high can last anywhere from 3 to 5 hours, or even longer in some cases, depending on various factors. These factors include the THC concentration of the moon rocks, the individual’s tolerance, metabolism, and the method of consumption.

Given the intense and long-lasting high, you should only consume moon rocks if you are already an experienced smoker with a decent level of tolerance. I would only recommend using moon rocks if smoking normal weed just doesn’t quite get you high enough anymore, and even still you should start out slowly as moon rocks can double or triple the THC concentration in a single hit.


The key takeaways? Start slow, savor the journey, and remember, cleanliness is crucial, especially when vaping. Your moon rock adventure awaits! Oh, and if you found this article helpful, don’t forget to like and share it!

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