Trufflez strain review

What is Trufflez strain?

Black truffles. Hard to find, even harder to keep fresh, and up there with the most highly sought-after ingredients in any kitchen thanks to the unmistakably decadent flavor.

But the Trufflez weed strain? Well, the flavor and aroma are just as mouth-watering, but this gorgeously potent cultivar is anything but hard to find or difficult to grow! 
Dank in all the right ways, perfect for both your everyday Dr. Greenthumbs and novice cultivators alike, and with a taste and yield potential that is sure to satisfy even the most experienced weed enthusiasts.

What’s more, the Trufflez weed strain is capable of delivering both a clear headed and a soothing, mood lifting cerebral high and does so without gluing you to the closest chair, although the body buzz effects are on show and perfectly balanced with Trufflez. Coming to the table with a genetic lineage that includes Gelato and Chocolate Kush, and a split of 70/30 in favor of Indica, this beautifully balanced hybrid is a great option for the masses and aims to please… Which it certainly does!

Who owns Trufflez strain?

Hailing from the San Francisco Bay area of Northern Cali, the true Mecca of cannabis genetics, the wizards over at THClones are the driving force behind this top-shelf plant. The result of a cross between two banging strains in their own right, Chocolate Kush and Gelato, it should come as anything but a surprise that Trufflez is a true box ticker.

What are the effects of Trufflez strain?

While there is some variation in terms of effects between the phenotypes available, the majority of Trufflez plants that we have cultivated offer a beautifully broad physical and mental high that is equal parts clarity and relaxation.

Trufflez is the definition of a creeper. No, not the Minecraft baddies, but actually not too far off either. Just as the digital creepers like to silently approach and then explode, the high that the Trufflez cannabis strain offers can be just slightly sneaky.

The initial surge of euphoria is unmistakable, yet pretty manageable in terms of intensity as it slowly but surely works its way through your body and mind. The first ten or so minutes may be all about the gradually uplifting cerebral shift, but as time passes, Trufflez will start to reveal its true colors.

As we said, the physical effects of this strain are aplenty, and will start to really sink their teeth in at around the 15-minute mark. A pleasant but gradually intensifying body buzz that is just on the right side of sedative, eventually hitting a peak close to the half hour mark and lingering for a surprisingly long time.

Perfect for an end-of-day chill session or a lazy Sunday morning, this is one of the best-balanced hybrids you are likely to be able to get your hands on right now.

Is Trufflez sativa or indica?

In this current age, thanks to the wave of cannabis legality that is sweeping the blue dot we call home, there are actually very few pure Sativa or Indica options available on the consumer/cultivator market. Not that this is a bad thing per se, just something to keep in mind.

The Truffles marijuana cultivar is an Indica-heavy hybrid with almost 70% of its genetics coming from the shorter, bushier, and bodily calming side of the scale. This can take some stoners by surprise the first time they roll some Trufflez up, as the high does start with a cerebral kick, but the effects quickly morph into that more classically Indica body stone.

It’s a subtly powerful and surprisingly well-balanced hybrid that really does offer something for everyone, and it’s not all recreational fun we are talking about. Medicinal users will find that Trufflez can offer relief from issues related to insomnia, chronic pain, and mental stress.

How strong is Trufflez?

Topping out at around 22% THC, Trufflez is not necessarily what most would consider a true cannabinoid powerhouse, but that’s not to say that the Trufflez strain is a slouch whatsoever.

A medium-powered cannabis hybrid, the Trufflez strain does offer decent levels of THC, but it’s the balance between Sativa and Indica that makes this strain something special. This is not a one-dimensional high but rather a voyage that takes you to both mental and physical relaxation in equal parts.

So, is Trufflez strain good?

If the previous 700-odd words haven’t convinced you to at least consider the Trufflez strain, then maybe it’s not the one for you. But there is one factor that we have failed to discuss thus far, and for most, it’s the true talking point of this cultivar.

The flavor and aroma of the Trufflez strain are honestly one of the most unique and enjoyable options in the current cannabis market. A buttery blend of dank diesel, fresh fruit, zesty citrus, and pine-filled earthiness that is unique to this strain alone, and something that no true cannabis connoisseur should ever miss out on.

So yes, Trufflez is a good weed strain. More than that, it’s a surprising, singular-tasting option that is very hard to find even the smallest fault with. Easy to grow both indoors and out, and offering a vast harvest of the densest buds, this is one strain that has to be on every growers hit list.

If you’re looking for a well-rounded and deliciously unique plant that brings the heat early and often, you really cannot afford to miss out on the Trufflez strain!

Where can I buy Trufflez strain seeds?

Finding seeds of Trufflez strain can be challenging as almost no cannabis seed banks that we know of currently stock this strain. However, below are some similar strains to Trufflez that are just as incredible:

Gelato by Blimburn

  • THC



500 G/SM


8-10 WEEKS


200 CM

Chocolate Kush by Marijuana Seed City

  • THC



400-500 G/SM


10-12 WEEKS


180 CM

Lava Cake by Homegrown Cannabis

  • THC



300-450 G/SM


8-10 WEEKS


180 CM

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