CBD flower and homemade CBD Oil

CBD is the new and upcoming herb of the decade. People have realised how useful it is considering its non-psychoactive traits and medical benefits. CBD is found in both cannabis plants and hemp, and there is no difference in its composition. The compound is highly sought out as an industrial crop and many are growing it as a backyard plant. If you are planning to grow your own high CBD hemp strain, we have a few tips that may help you along the way.

Pick a high CBD strain

Science is awesome! Unlike 30 years ago, you do not need copious amounts of hemp to make a sufficient amount of consumable CBD. Strains such as CB Diesel, CDB Critical Cure and Fruity Pebbles are all high CBD strains that are highly popular amongst growers. Their CBD concentrations can vary from 15% to all the way to 20%.

It does not matter if you grow it from a seed or a clone, pick a strain that suits your expertise!

The denser the better

Cannabis plants grow quite differently to hemp varieties. The end products of hemp plants are different from cannabis, so you might have to make some adjustments. The principles we follow for growing cannabis do not always line with hemp.

For starters, grow the hemp plants closer together. A dense field of hemp is the dream, you don’t necessarily need a lot of space for each plant. CBD strains usually consist of a single stalk, unlike the bushy cannabis variants. It is not uncommon for a single hemp field to have hundreds if not thousands of plants packed together. It is very similar to corn and wheat crops


Hemp plants are quite strange during the early stages. Even though the plant thrives outside, the best results are seen when it is germinated indoors. If you have the growing space or a greenhouse to spare, consider germinating them indoors. Later on, you can transplant them outside to their final growing plot.

If this is too troublesome, you might want to consider getting “starts”. Starts are seeds that come germinated. These starts already have their taproot ready for potting, which increases its chances of making through. Starts can flower in just a few weeks once potted.

Get a good supplier

The quality of your plants depends heavily on your supplier. Plants with bad genes could make it very difficult for the novice grower. Not to mention the possibility of male plants! Just like in cannabis, male plants are the bane of hemp fields. They provide low amounts of CBD and pollinate the females in the field. If you want to avoid this, it is best to go with a reputed breeder or seedbank. Luckily for you at High Yield Strains we have shortlisted our most trusted and reliable seedbanks and breeders for you – Have a look at our comparison table to choose a one of the top rated CBD strain sellers.

It is not easy growing hemp but it is definitely possible and very profitable. Educate yourself well on the topic and remember to harvest without delay. CBD deteriorates faster than THC, which means time is of the essence. If you follow the core principles, growing hemp could be a very profitable venture for oneself.

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