Exploring the world of weed and its different varieties is a lot like going on an exciting trip. You might get a whiff of some fruity strains, others with a more distinctive minty aroma. Again, you’ll want to keep your fingers crossed that you won’t have a bad time when you try out some of the more intense ones.

Exotic weed strains are just as unforgettable as they are unique. A good weed strain should have a distinct flavour, smell, and even look to it. Therefore, we have compiled this list of exotic strains that are known for their strength and their unique qualities.

What makes an exotic weed strain?

Some are new introductions to the market, while others are strains that have been around in some form for decades. Many connoisseurs say exotic weed strains produce unique and even intoxicating highs; others say it’s simply a label that weed lovers use to describe the rarest of weeds. That definition also gets quite convoluted and subjective.

But what makes an exotic weed strain? Exotic weed strains can come from literally anywhere, though the most exotic and rare cannabis strains are foreign in some way. They often have a few critical defining traits that set them apart from the more common (and usually more well-known) strains.

It’s more than just getting stoned. With so much innovation (and some growers dedicated to the craft), there are intense flavours, beautiful looks, and high THC content.

The best exotic weed strains

When people picture an exotic weed strain, they tend to think about brightly coloured buds with a curious name and can be sold for crazy money. In reality, most truly exotic weed strains are hard to grow. They’re like unicorns in terms of the equipment, time and knowledge required to get them into your hands.

Finally, one of the criteria in defining an exotic weed strain is based on the characteristics of a plant. And the most important physical characteristics that people consider are colour, crystal formation, structure, smell, and look.


Purple Haze X Malawi

Top of our list of exotic strains is sativa dominant Purple Haze X Malawi. It has genetics from both sides of Purple Haze and Malawi. This strain is very potent, racking up THC levels around 22%. The strain will have you feeling energetic, uplifted and happy after just one hit. 

When smoked in large amounts, this strain can cause feelings of hunger (munchies). Since Purple Haze X Malawi is a sativa dominant strain, it will also make you feel creative and more talkative than usual.

This exotic weed strain is easy to grow, has excellent yields, and does not stretch. It gets its purple colour from its parents Purple Haze and Malawi. The Purple Haze X Malawi has a great sweet flavour with an amazing high. It is very effective for pain, appetite stimulation, nausea and even depression.

best exotic strains



Many growers will have never heard of this exotic strain, genuine Snowcap seeds are hard to come by so snap them up when they are in stock. 

It is not an understatement to say that the Snowcap Marijuana Strain is robust, with an aroma that is likely to knock you off your feet. Snowcap has potency, smell and flavour that pleases the senses and satisfies the soul. Her citrus and menthol flavours delight the taste buds, while a beautifully full smoke offers the perfect cerebral high.

Snowcap produces sticky, resinous buds covered in crystals that glisten like freshly fallen snow. A pungent, menthol and citrus smell fills the air when you break open these sticky babies, a bouquet of flavours that rolls deliciously around your tongue. Not for the faint of heart, Snowcap has a high THC content of about 18%.

This great lady is easy to grow, too! Anyone can grow this strain of marijuana plants outdoors in a climate that isn’t cold. You’ll harvest about 300-400 grams per square meter after about ten weeks of flowering.

rare exotic strains


Colombian Gold

High yielding exotic strains can be hard to come by, but Colombian Gold will produce upto 600 grams per square meter growing between 5 and 7 feet tall. Colombian Gold is not for the faint hearted though with THC levels between 19% and 22%, making it great for daily use or casual to light use. 

Colombian Gold delivers a powerful cerebral punch, keeping you sharp and focused for hours at a time. Those who suffer from anxiety or depression might also find relief with this strain, thanks to its uplifting effects.

A potent sativa-dominant strain that expresses itself with a fruity, lemon-lime fragrance, Colombian Gold has been used as a parent strain for many hybrids. Originally hailing from the Santa Marta Mountains in Colombia, it has helped create its derivatives and mutations, such as Skunk #1 and Holy Grail. The buds of this marijuana strain are fluffy and crystal-covered, emitting skunky, sweet notes!

exotic weed colombian gold


Maui Sunset

Maui’s time-honoured tradition of pressing out top quality cannabis flowers has been passed down through generations and is a staple for the Hawaiian locals. The Maui sunset weed strain provides a head high that will not only leave you feeling uplifted and motivated but will also make you feel completely at ease. This sativa-dominant hybrid is the result of crossing two equally potent parent strains, Mendocino and Hawaiian Sativa.

Are you looking for exotic strains to use during the day? Take a look at Maui Sunset. This hybrid strain is known for its uplifting effects and sweet lemon flavour, bred from potent Maui Waui genetics. Maui Sunset is resistant to moulds, mildew, and pests, making it a favourite among cultivators looking for consistent yield.

This extraordinary beauty only takes eight weeks to grow into a monster that can yield up to 450 grams per square metre. It grows best in an outdoor environment in warmer weather but is suitable for indoor growing as well. You will love the taste and effects of this exotic weed!

best exotic strains


Black Widow

Most people have heard of the world famous White Widow, but not many growers have had the opportunity to grow its its mysterious sister, Black Widow. This exotic weed strain is the the perfect hybrid to grow for anyone who wants to get the British Columbia high that is as strong as the mighty Rockies.

This hybrid weed strain is a favourite among many savvy smokers. Some say it’s like meditating while you smoke, as the relaxed high hits you with a cave-like euphoria. It’s an excellent method to unwind before bed. Other than that, the strain gives you an incredible head rush and some intense laughter.

The black widow is a hardy and sturdy plant that can grow in most environments. It produces an abundance of frosty, white buds. For those who suffer from anxiety, depression, headaches, or stress, this weed strain is sure to provide immediate relief.

exotic weed black widow


Brain Cake

One of my personal favourites from our list of exotic strains, Brain Cake plants have long internodes but are productive at small sizes. They show darker colours and purple tones at the end of the flowering cycle. The ripening time is 65 days, and they form medium-sized flowers with large chalices and short pistils.

Brain Cake stimulates your neurons to work overtime. Its indica dominance calms the mind, whereas the sativa genes allow you to think more freely. If the indica makes you too hazy and you want something with a little more ease, let the strain reign! It is said to have a rush at first, especially for new users. It also has a relaxing effect that leaves you feeling at ease.

The genetic potential of this strain is one of its most desirable features. Its aroma has exquisite lemon undertones with spicy hints of red berries, while its flavour is sweet like berries mixed with vanilla and some lemongrass notes.

exotic weed strains


Gorilla Infested Gelato

Not only is this exotic weed strain hard to come by it is also super high THC and high yielding. Gorilla Infested Gelato is a hard-hitting strain with a sweet and earthy flavour. Resin production with this strain is prolific, and the buds appear to be almost dripping with THC. It has a high calyx to leaf ratio and packs on the weight during late flowering. 

This short stature cannabis strain is perfect for growers who have less than 7 feet in height available in their grow room or are running smaller residential operations.

A hybrid strain with an uplifting sativa effect, Gorilla Infested Gelato is a cross between gorilla glue Auto and Grand Heft. With THC levels reaching 22 per cent, this frosty indica-dominant hybrid delivers a high that relaxes muscles while leaving your mind clear and focused. A fruity flavour with hints of cream and berries complements the haziness of the smoke for a sweet, sultry taste.

exotic weed strains



Runtz is the ideal marijuana strain for those who enjoy growing and expertly crafting their weed. First-time growers would be wise to purchase this marijuana because it is an excellent plant for practice. However, if you have prior experience growing marijuana, it will not disappoint. The Runtz is a cannabis plant that produces resin-soaked hair-like flowers with a beautiful lime green hue. The terpene profile is reminiscent of Candyland or a fairytale forest filled with candy flowers.

A breath-taking cross of two of the best available strains will not disappoint the connoisseur with a penchant for indicas. White Runtz is a combination of Gelato 33 and Zkittlez. This plant has a few unique tricks up its sleeve; it tops the list of plants with the most resin per bud, owing to one of the most potent terpene combinations found in cannabis plants.

Lovely lime-green buds explode with a sweet scent and taste, while a hint of lemon can also be detected.  The hit from this strain is refreshing, energetic, and creative.



Hawaiian Gold

Hawaiian Gold is a sativa dominant strain derived from Super Lemon Haze and Pineapple. This 50-40-10 (Sativa, Indica, Ruderalis) ratio makes the strain a potent one. The uplifting effects of Hawaiian Gold give way to creative thinking, making it one of the best daytime cannabis strains out there. 

Hawaiian Gold Autoflower Marijuana strain has a powerful aroma that resembles the pineapple fruit. The strain has been crossbred to produce a high-yielding, fast-growing plant with THC levels of up to 17%, and its flowering time is as short as eight weeks.

This is one of the best exotic strains that produce a euphoric high that completely relaxes the body. Its Pineapple parent gives a pleasant, fruity taste and smooth smoke. It also has a strong but pleasant lemon aftertaste with hints of spice that will keep your taste buds guessing. Hawaiian Gold will make you feel relaxed and happy no matter what your mood, so you should always be prepared to laugh when using this strain of pot.

exotic strains


Cinderella 99

Cinderella 99 is a blend of Jack Herer and Shiva Skunk. This hybrid provides a high THC level that gets you moving and keeps you going. It stimulates appetite while also providing deep relaxation. While the effects are typical of an uplifting sativa, the high is moderately paced, your mind stays clear, and energy levels stay up throughout. You may get a floaty feeling or a mild body buzz.

The Cinderella 99 weed strain has a subtle scent of pineapple and grapefruit with citrus undertones. The flavour is strange, though, featuring acrid citrus hints and a few floral notes. Cinderella99 is an old-school blend of genetics that has a relatively short height. When growing indoors, expect yields bigger than you might think. However, she’s easy to grow and forgiving of errors in the home garden.

exotic strains


White lsd

White LSD is produced and sold by MSNL seed bank, nowhere else sells this beauty of a strain. This is a must for any growers that want to brag about having a rare exotic strain to grow and smoke. White LSD is a THC dominant hybrid strain that crosses the genetics of White Widow with an LSD male. Its buds are white and shiny, with little to no leaves and a creamy white THC crystal coating them. This delicious strain smells of sour apple and mango. When smoked, it makes you feel euphoric, happy, energetic, uplifted and even feels a sense of deep peace. It gives you the munchies for sure!

Easy to grow, this plant stays pretty short and is quite similar to White Widow in both its looks and overall high. You’ll find that LSD likes to be fed root-to-tip, producing huge dense buds dripping with THC and a fruity touch of trichomes. Its THC count can reach up to 22%. Unless you’re accustomed to the strong pot, enjoy this one in a tiny piece or two at a time. Dried and cured, the fruit smell comes out more with hints of mint.

exotic strains


Acapulco Gold

Inspired by the Mexican coastal region of Los Alpes, Acapulco Gold quickly became one the most famous marijuana strains to emerge from the ’60s. This strain is a potent variety, with a long-lasting, euphoric body feeling that becomes dreamy and creative. Acapulco Gold is an excellent choice for evening or social occasions, producing an immediate effect that lasts for several hours.

With THC levels that have been measured at over 20%, these flowers are ideal for marijuana enthusiasts looking to get the ultimate high. At its essence, Acapulco Gold is a potent marijuana strain with enormous yields of beautifully aromatic flowers. Acapulco Gold’s genetics are a cross between original Acapulco and some premium Mexican and Thai landrace strains. This heirloom strain has been kept pure to capture the true essence of this gold standard in marijuana history.

exotic weed strains


Haze Extreme

Haze Extreme is a feminized version of Haze, an intensely aromatic strain with a deep spicy character. Its buds have long hairs and bright colours. It will have you feeling uplifted and creative with somebody relaxation. This high-potency strain has extremely high THC (Over 22%) and is a relatively fast flowering variety.

The generous yields of o Haze Xtreme cannabis strain are robust and resinous. You can identify its dense buds by its purple hues. They also contain high levels of the cannabinoid CBN, a potentially psychoactive substance that also has medical potential. Haze Xtreme is a potent, pungent Sativa-dominant strain. It smells very earthy and musky and tastes more like cedar than Haze.

This potent strain will get your mind buzzing, and the pungent smell will leave your visitors wondering what delicious dish you just cooked. Haze Xtreme weed strain is a perfect choice for people who want to unwind and put their minds at ease. The strain is also widely popular among those who suffer from stress and depression.

exotic weed


Exotic thai

The Thai Exotic strain was created by crossing Thai Skunk and New York Diesel. This mix resulted in a short flowering Sativa (9-10 weeks). The aroma is characteristic of the Thai flora, sweet and robust with slight hints of citrus mixed with diesel and floral scents.

Loyal to Thai Sativa genetics, this plant possesses all of the characteristics of its mother, as well as the smooth taste of its father. Its short flowering period makes it popular among growers, and it can be harvested in October. 

Exotic Thai is a very productive variety that produces tight resinous buds that are bursting with vigour.This strain yields a very light and cerebral high. It also has a hint of indica, which contributes to its exotically lazy vibe. As a result, it is highly valued by those who suffer from muscle spasms, cramps, and headaches.

exotic weed strains


Purple haze

Purple Haze is one of the best exotic strains. It’s a perfect blend of 70% sativa and 30% indica with an unbeatable flavour. This high-quality bud will leave you feeling relaxed but energized throughout the day. Purple Haze’s exact origin is unknown, as it is shrouded in mystery and folklore. However, modern cannabis historians agree that Purple Haze strains descended from the parent species Haze and Purple Thai. These two parent strains are responsible for the sweet and earthy undertones you’ll discover in this experience.

If you’re into powerful mood-elevating highs that carry you the entire day, you will love Purple Haze. The effects of the Purple Haze weed strain are not for the faint of heart! With THC levels of up to 20%, a little goes a long way. It reduces anxiety and promotes positive emotions, with a few bursts of laughter thrown in for good measure.

high yielding exotic strains

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