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Sensi Seeds review: about the brand

Sensi Seeds, with their research and cultivation of hemp, seeds, and strains, is considered an early leader in the cannabis industry. Perhaps, most notably, because of their efforts to normalize cannabis and to gain recognition for its therapeutic and recreational properties.

With four physical locations in Amsterdam and Barcelona, Sensi Seeds seems to be the real thing. Three are located in Amsterdam, and one is located in Barcelona, Spain. The deal becomes more concrete with their Hash Marihuana & Hemp museums in Amsterdam and Barcelona.

The seed bank rose to prominence in 1985 with the founding of their first museum and active involvement in events aimed at marijuana normalization. Ben Dronkers created the company, which has a long history of being interested in the production of strains and seeds. The online and offline seed bank has been up and running since then, and it is still growing.

Sensi Seeds strain review

The nature and varieties of seeds and strains offered by seed banks are the most critical aspects of their reviews. Sensi Seeds offers up to 130 different strains, many of which were professionally bred by the company over its existence and still are today. Many of these strains have won awards, including the Cannabis Cup, as well as several old strains that are hard to come by and that you would not want to lose.

Sensi Seeds also sells strains from White Label seed banks, as well as new strains developed by Sensi Seeds, under the name Sensi Seeds Research. Sensi Seeds sells regular White Label seeds as well.

Sensi Seeds guarantees the consistency of seeds and strains from the seed bank by developing medicinal strains for pharmacies on behalf of the Dutch government. Furthermore, Sensi Seeds strains are said to be the most potent, with seeds that germinate well and produce healthy plants with higher yields.

Product quality

Sensi Seeds is the original Amsterdam marijuana seedbank and their quality as you would expect is second to none. Since Sensi Seeds was first launched in 1985 they have won over 30 awards for their strains including numerous cannabis cups. Although their seeds are expensive, what you are paying for is their experience and expertise of breeding some of the worlds best cannabis strains to grace the earth. 

Sensi Seeds germination rates are the best in the business and the bud is amazing too.If you don’t mind spending a little bit more for premium quality then Sensi Seeds produce some of the best cannabis going. You can be confident when purchasing from Sensi Seeds that they have bred and cultivated every single cannabis strain themselves in top class growing facilities in Amsterdam giving every seed the best possible chance of germinating.


Sensi Seeds is the oldest seedbank in the world and as far as reputation is concerned no seedbank or breeder can rival them. They were one of the founding members of the cannabis culture that we know and love today and have various smoking cafes in Amsterdam that are frequented by a long list of celebrities. If this isnt enough they have bred numerous award winning cannabis strains such as Northern Lights X Haze, Super Skunk and Shiva Shanti to name but a few.

Sensi Seed is now regarded as a leading brand in the production of Cannabis seeds. It has a large following all over the world, which has enabled it to remain at the top of its industry for more than three decades. Matter of fact, the Dutch government has selected them to grow medicinal marijuana for distribution by pharmacies.

Sensi Seed is also dedicated to normalizing cannabis use and expanding its medicinal effects awareness. In Barcelona and Amsterdam, they opened the Hash Marihuana & Hemp Museum to teach people about the benefits of Cannabis.

Payment methods

Sensi Seeds accepts three forms of payment. Credit cards, bank transfers, and cash are all accepted methods of payment. Credit card payments are processed using 128-bit SSL certificates, which protect cardholder and customer identification while still being the quickest means of payment.

Bank payments can be made to their accounts, which are securely accessible on the website. Payments made via bank transfer can take a few days, causing the delivery to be delayed. Sending cash to Sensi Seeds via registered mail is the final choice for cash payment. When the money is sent, it will take anything from 7 to 28 days for it to arrive at the address.

There are a few payment options, but they are sufficient. They do not accept Bitcoins, this is a drawback. Cheques, PayPal, and overseas money orders are still not accepted.

Policy on shipping and delivery

Sensi Seeds only ships to a select few nations, including the United States and Canada. They send seeds and other CBD goods to the majority of European countries, just merchandise to a few, and there is a list of countries for which they do not offer service You can order seeds from Sensi Seeds if you reside in Austria, Belgium, the Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Malta, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, or the United Kingdom.

The seed bank’s distribution system is discrete, with neutral white packets that are tamper free envelopes. These seed envelopes have a bubble wrapper lining to cover the seeds. The packets contain little information about the contents and instead contain emails.

Sensi Seeds will bill you for delivery. Standard packing and shipping costs for orders in Europe are €7.50, and the same for orders outside Europe are €12.50. You may still choose to insure the order at an extra fee of €5.00. While shipping is not trackable, you can keep trace of your order in your Sensi Seeds account. Customer service will be contacted if the order is not received.

Discounts and promotions

Sensi Seeds is a premium brand and the seeds are more expensive than most seedbanks and breeders, however they are the oldest seedbank in the world and have a rich history of breeding excellent quality cannabis seeds, so this comes with a price.

The one downside to Sensi Seeds is that they rarely have their marijuana seeds on sale for discounted prices, however if you time your purchases well you can find good deals around Black Friday or April 20th (420 cannabis day).


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Final words

Although pricier than most other seedbanks and breeders Sensi Seeds reputation and accolades are nothing short of incredible. If you really do want the Crème de la crème of cannabis strains then look no further. That being said it is a little dissapointing that you can get the same cannabis strain elsewhere for a fraction of the price so if you are looking to steal a bargain then either ILGM or MSNL are the places to look.

For cash croppers, you may get huge yields from some of the strains at Sensi Seeds but it will come at a premium. If you are growing commercially and buying in bulk quantities than you will get more bang for your buck in some of the lesser known seedbanks such as MSNL and ILGM.

Sensi Seeds Review: Top 3 Strains

Northern Lights #5 X Haze

Northern Lights #5 x Haze from Sensi Seeds is a robust sativa designed to extend the flowering period and increase the bud shape of Haze. This 70 percent sativa provides an invigorating neurological pulse that appears to raise sensory perception, with zesty flavors of pungent spice. About the fact that the indica in her shines through in density and growth stature, this strain has an uplifting high that is ideal for daytime use.

Recommended Retailer: Sensi Seeds

Shiva Skunk

In 1987, the Shiva Skunk was launched. It was one of the first Sensi Seed strains to gain popularity. It produces resinous buds and develops rapidly. It has an orange yet skunky scent and yields a large amount of yield.

Recommended Retailer: Sensi Seeds

White Gorilla Haze

White Gorilla Haze is a 3-way combination of Amnesia Haze, Silver Haze, and Gorilla Glue that is mainly sativa. The end product is what you’d imagine and more! White Gorilla Haze provides a fine Haze pedigree with massive resin processing, completely justifying its “White” prefix, and all with far shorter flowering cycles than other strains with Haze as a major genetic component. And the stems and leaf petioles are coated in trichomes due to the abundance of resin!

Recommended Retailer: Sensi Seeds

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