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Runtz seeds come from a strong lineage of quality genetics Zkittlez x Gelato. Runtz marijuana is one of the best exotic weed strains. You can expect nothing but the best from this indica dominant hybrid throughout its life cycle. This strain has become a legend across the industry rather quickly.

The strain has the almost perfect 50/50 ratio of indica to sativa traits and characteristics, and has gained early award winning status accolades already. For both new and seasoned growers, Runtz seeds are a must-have. Medical marijuana patients are also familiar with the Runtz marijuana strain.

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Runtz seeds are still relatively new and hard to find, however, this strain has gained popularity at a phenomenal pace.

The Runtz marijuana strain made its debut at the Santa Rosa Emerald Cup in 2017. It’s been racking up awards ever since, including Leafly Strain of the Year for 2020 Cannabis Cup, 2020 People’s Choice for Indica Flower, and the 2021 Hemp Cup for Runtz Wet Sugar (concentrate). No longer confined to its homeland of Los Angeles, now you can buy Runtz seeds and grow this amazing strain at home.


A fast-acting and exhilarating buzz, Runtz is one strain you’ll keep coming back for more of. The 55% indica, 45% sativa combination delivers a well-balanced and versatile high ideal for daytime or night. Beginners beware, however, as the strain can easily reach high levels of THC near 24%.

You’ll first feel a rush of euphoria to the mind, as a soothing calmness takes over the body from head to toe. The effects are long-lasting in nature and ideal for relieving symptoms of pain, like arthritis, stress and nausea, too. With certain doses, this variety can help you feel completely sedated for a sound night of rest, and no trouble falling asleep.

Taste, smell and appearance

You’ll taste and see the rainbow with the colorful, vibrant and pungent sights and aromas of Runtz, as the strain produces a variety of colors that are a joy to watch as they appear. The plant is well known for buds that are blue, purple, dark green, olive green and bright orange in color. Even its trichomes shimmer in white with a slight purple tint to them, too.

Its aroma is just as impressive, with a sugary sweet scent, that bursts with hints of berries, citrus and fruit. The aroma is pungent and slightly citrus in the earlier part of the flowering process. This increases and deepens with a more floral and earthy undertone from approximately half way through the flowering process.

Growing Runtz seeds

Runtz seeds are for intermediate growers, but it’s quite easy to grow with the correct techniques. This cannabis responds well to SCROG and SOG, as well as high stress training.

You should be able to manage the strain’s medium heights of 100cm-180cm without heavy topping, or shaping techniques. The strains strong lineage lends to vigorous growth no matter the conditions, and whether grown indoors or outdoors.

In just 8-10 weeks, you can expect to harvest moderate yields of 400-500gr/m² of dense, tightly packed buds that are a delight to break up, and grind.

You can find more help, ideas and tips from our growing guide.

Medical benefits

Runtz marijuana, like many other strains with an intense body high, has received a lot of positive reviews from medical marijuana patients. Its pain-relieving properties greatly minimize chronic pain to the point that it is barely noticeable. Anything from headaches to minor aches and pains vanishes as soon as the tingly body buzz kicks in.

It also helps to relax muscles and reduce inflammation, which is beneficial for chronic stress, arthritis, and injuries.

The body buzz induces relaxation and serves as a release from the pressures of daily life. Chronic stress and anxiety often melt away, allowing sufferers to forget about their worries momentarily. The pressure settles into a short, dreamy sleep after keeping users high for hours.

Our verdict on Runtz seeds

If you want a strain that’s well-balanced in effects, will impress your inner smoke-circle with appearance AND taste good too? Then look no further than Runtz. This strain is well sought after for a reason, as consumers want more and more of it, and growers love to grow it.

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Additional information

Seed type


THC content

22 – 25%


500 -600 g/sm

Flowering time

8 – 10 weeks


Medium: 100 – 180 cm

Strain type

Indica dominant


< 1%




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