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Growing Purple Haze seeds is rewarding. This sativa dominant hybrid has legendary kush lineage for reliable, sturdy growth that’s ultra-easy to manage for beginner growers. After just 8-10 weeks of flowering, you’ll harvest gorgeous purple nugs dusted with shimmery trichomes that burst with fruity, sweet, dessert-like aromas.

Purple Haze weed is just as enjoyable to consume, as it is to grow with moderate levels of THC for energizing, uplifting and blissful effects ideal for daytime use. From start to finish, this hybrid lives up to its top-shelf reputation.

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Overview of Purple Haze seeds

Where Purple Haze seeds came from and how they were bred is somewhat of a mystery. Experts can’t fully agree to the exact origin of Purple Haze.  The prevailing belief is that it’s a cross of Haze x Purple Thai. This legendary combo is responsible for producing one of the most dreamy and euphoric buzzes, around. In fact, it’s even said to have aphrodisiac qualities making it perfect to light up with your significant other for a night full of fun.

The strain delivers moderate yields, and is versatile for indoor and outdoor growers alike with medium heights and an 8-10 week flowering time in case you’re one to get impatient.

Purple Haze is synonymous with the wild, and free era of the 1960’s and was even named after Jimi Hendrix’s classic song. This highly sought after hybrid is one of the most popular strains ever.


Purple Haze is a go-to strain for global wake-and-bakers. The 60/40 sativa-dominant hybrid is incredibly energizing, while inspiring creativity and uplifting the mood. For medical consumers, these feel-good traits make Purple Haze weed effective at relieving stress, chronic pain, and depression-like symptoms.

The strain is well-known for its fast-acting effects, which are so pleasurable they’re often recommended to set the mood for date nights or to incite conversation in social settings. This variety typically contains 16-19% for a mild high that’s suitable for novice or veteran consumers.

Taste, smell and appearance

Purple Haze is great for your sweet tooth, it is chock-full of sweet berry flavors you’ll soon crave. Under its sweetness, the hybrid has all natural undertones of earthy woodiness and hints of herbal incense. This variety delivers smooth hits that often have a hashy aftertaste with its overall dank flavor.

The hybrid is just as delightful in scent, bursting with rich, robust berry that have hints of earthiness, woody, and dank incense aromas.

The Purple Haze strain’s colorful moniker comes from its appearance. Although they are shorter than most sativa dominant strains they still produce tall plants with vibrant purple and minty green hues glistening under the lights (or sun) and taking your breath away. Sprinkled with milky white trichomes, and radiant purple hairs, the variety easily gets a 10 in the looks department alone.


This is an easy to grow strain even if you have no previous experience.

What Purple Haze may lack in massive yields, the plant makes up for in ease of growth. Purple Haze seeds are ideal for beginner growers looking for quality buds with the least amount of work. The plants grow to medium heights of 100 -180cm (3-6 ft) for easy concealment outdoors, and small indoor growing spaces.

Purple Haze plants grow to a medium height without ever reaching the size and appearance of some land-race sativas. The structure of the buds, however, is classic sativa with long, contiguous flower formations. Flowering will last for between 50 – 65 days indoors with large yields anticipated.

Outdoors it is a plant for warmer regions; in the northern hemisphere harvest time will be during October.

What are feminized seeds?

If your aim is to harvest cannabis buds to smoke, then buy feminized seeds because the buds are present only in the female plants. Feminized seeds will guarantee 100% female crops as they are specially bred to produce only female plants. Female plants start flowering when they receive less light per day, meaning in autumn or when growers manipulate the light cycle indoors.

If your aim is to produce your own seeds, however, then buy the regular seeds. Feminized seeds are not the appropriate choice for you as they do not allow the development of male plants.

How to grow Purple Haze feminized seeds

Purple Haze is great to grow both indoors or out as the seeds carry a high resistance to disease.

Best climate to grow Purple Haze seeds

 If you plan to grow outdoors, we suggest sticking with sunny and warmer climates where Purple Haze has the best grow potential. But if you don’t have a sunny and warm outdoor area to grow, it does just as good indoors as it does out. If you live in the northern hemisphere, you can expect to harvest October at the latest.

Flowering & yield

During its 8-10 week flowering time, the hybrid shows off with captivating and colorful buds, that burst with pungent fruity, sweet and earthy aromas.

If grown outside, you can expect to harvest anywhere from 300-400gr/m² with an end of October harvest. Indoors, the strain prefers temperate and Mediterranean like climates and is naturally mold resistant if unfavorable conditions do arise.

Feeding Purple Haze plants

We recommend giving your plants:

You can find more help, ideas and tips from our growing guide.

Medical benefits

Herbs grown from Purple Haze seeds have great medical value.

Are you looking for help with emotional highs and lows, mood swings, or combating chronic stress? Purple Haze can help. Here’s how.

Purple Haze is a great strain because of its powerful impact (due to its high THC) and long-lasting effect. That’s why mental issues like anxiety, chronic stress, and mood swings can benefit from it. The best part? A little relief goes a long way!

With Purple Haze you can use a little bit and then revisit throughout the day if needed (although it rarely is). Since the effect is both physical and mental, you get the relaxation you need to avoid feelings of overwhelm and overload.

That’s what makes Purple Haze a great option for both insomnia and nausea! That’s right, this bad boy brings a big case of the munchies. If you are looking for help with fatigue, need help alleviating mental stress, or relief from chronic pain, Purple Haze is for you!

If you are looking for ideas to make topical products and delicious edibles then head to our recipe corner and lifestyle section.

Our verdict on Purple Haze seeds

It’s hard to find a strain that’s reliable in growth, has desirable effects, and smells as good as it looks. But, Purple Haze seeds are an all around star when it comes to what matters the most. You will surely get manageable eye catching yields, ample flavor and energetic effects that’ll get you through each day, stress free and happy.

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Additional information

Seed type


THC content

18 – 21%


300 – 400 g/sm

Flowering time

8 – 10 weeks


Medium: 100 – 180 cm

Strain type

Sativa dominant


< 1%




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