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OG Kush seeds are considered one of the most famous strains in the world, heralded as a revolutionary creation. There is no debating the unparalleled effects and satisfaction that OG Kush gives both smokers and growers alike. It is so loved that it’s often used as the genetic foundation for many other strains.

As an indica dominant strain, it provides a relatively extreme cerebral high coupled with relaxing and euphoric relief. Its powerful buzz, long lasting euphoric high and supreme taste and flavour are the reasons for its popularity. New smokers may want to ease into this one, start with a few tokes and go from there.

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Overview of OG Kush seeds

OG Kush produces a mood elevating, heavy euphoria making it great for washing a stressful day away. Its blend of 75% indica and 25% sativa brings a balance between body and mind stimulation and a delicious strain to blaze up.

Its history is shrouded in myth and speculation, most of which is hard to prove, but no matter where it came from one thing remains true: OK Kush seeds are incredibly popular and in high demand no matter where you go.


Smoking OG Kush bring intense euphoria. It begins with a head rush, followed by a mood enhancing relaxed state and a heightened awareness. These initial sensations lead on to feelings of euphoria and even a trance like state of mind that last for hours. The experience is more of a cerebral than physical high, taking you on a trip without leaving your couch.

The mixture of mental stimulation and an uplifted mood makes this strain ideal for socializing, game matches, and incredible sex. It also enhances the flavor of your foods making you a munchie machine.

Taste, smell and appearance

This is one of those strains that the aroma starts off smelling earthy and then transition to a surprisingly bright citrus punch filled with whiffs of lemon. Breaking the bud will deliver a noticeable shot of pine needles and more of the citrus and spice tones. Invoking the scent of the woods after a rain storm, this strain delivers a pure organic smell that can be appreciated by all.

Better yet, many of the fragrances are brought into the flavor. If you like fresh lemons, char from the grill, and refreshing woody flavors, then you’ll love the spiced herbal goodness of OG Kush. The inhale delivers a deep earthen flavor with pops of lemon and orange, with heavy spice flavors taking over on the exhale, providing a dry finish.


What are feminized seeds?

If your aim is to harvest cannabis buds to smoke, then buy feminized seeds because the buds are present only in the female plants. Feminized seeds will guarantee 100% female crops as they are specially bred to produce only female plants. Female plants start flowering when they receive less light per day, meaning in autumn or when growers manipulate the light cycle indoors.

If your aim is to produce your own seeds, however, then buy the regular seeds. Feminized seeds are not the appropriate choice for you as they do not allow the development of male plants.

How to grow OG Kush feminized seeds

OG Kush seeds are popular to grow at home or in a commercial setting thanks to the cerebral and psychedelic highs that make the effort of growing it worthwhile.

Since this crop is susceptible to powdery mildew and mold, don’t leave it alone for too long. Topping or trimming the large fan leaves near the top of the plant to allow light and fresh air to enter the flowering nodes on low branches works well for this strain.

Ensure your seeds are germinated after the danger of frost has passed during the Spring season, so they are ready to harvest in mid-October.

Best climate to grow OG Kush seeds

Grown indoors, OG Kush seeds will produce great plants. Many growers prefer to grow this variety indoors in a humidity controlled setting for the best results and yields. This strain is known for its spicy scent, so odor containment measures such as carbon air filters or exhaust fans might be essential.

Outdoors in a less than ideal environment as the plants are prone to disease issues, bugs, or powdery mildew; however, under the right conditions, they can still be grown successfully. If you live in a hot or tropical climate, then this makes the job a lot easier as this strain dislikes cold weather and prefers a warmer climate with temperatures no lower than 75°F (or 24°C).

Flowering & yield

When growing OG Kush from seeds, expect short and compact plants.

Most growers will receive a decent sized yields in a short flowering period. This isn’t the easiest strain to grow. If you do plan to grow indoors, make sure to have a controlled micro-climate. If grown correctly it can yield about 400-500g of usable cannabis per square meter with an average 8-9-week flowering time.

If growing outdoors, you’ll get a similar yield and find your plant ready for harvest in October.

Feeding OG Kush plants

We recommend giving your plants:

You can find more help, ideas and tips from our growing guide.

Medical benefits

Herbs grown from OG Kush seeds have great medical value and are commonly used to treat anxiety, depression, and PTSD, as well as day-to-day stress, thanks to its mood enhancing properties. The potential analgesic properties of this strain are commonly used for temporary relief for those suffering from chronic pain.

OG Kush strain is also well known to stimulate the appetite and induce severe case cravings for those who suffer from a loss of appetite due to chemotherapy or other nausea or are inactive in recovery from anorexia.

In addition, it could be the best addition to your self care arsenal if you’re looking for migraine or headache relief, suffering from insomnia, or simply have a hard time allowing your body to relax.

If you are looking for ideas to make topical products and delicious edibles then head to our recipe corner and lifestyle section.

Our verdict on OG Kush seeds

OG Kush strain has long established itself as a favorite among cannabis community. It’s incredibly popular and often one of the higher priced options. High THC levels, powerful mood enhancing high, decent yields are the hallmarks of OG Kush.

Little wonder then why so many other popular and respected strains can trace their lineage back to this, the OG Kush.

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Additional information

Seed type


THC content

22 – 25%


400 – 500 g/sm

Flowering time

8 – 10 weeks


Medium: 100 – 180 cm

Strain type

Indica dominant


< 1%




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