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Northern Lights is considered one of the classic marijuana strains that everyone should try, it is an easy growing plant with a short flowering phase that growers at every level love. Buds grown from Northern Lights seeds drip with resin and produce enjoyable and long-lasting highs.

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Overview of Northern Lights seeds

The name of this strain comes from the bud’s coloring. It may feature purples, greens, and more, all of which call to mind the famous Northern Lights. Though claims that this classic cannabis hails from the cold climes of Seattle, Washington cannot be confirmed, what is known is that this strain was expertly cultivated by growers in the Netherlands during the mid 80s.

The fast flowering Northern Lights strain can be relied upon to deliver consistent THC levels of 15-18%, up to 22% under ideal growing conditions. These numbers do not tell the whole story however they show Northern Lights possess some of the most sought after relaxation effects.


A fantastic option for late evening enjoyment or for some medicinal users, Northern Lights produces a soothing deep body stone that will leave you feeling dreamy and contented. The strain is famous for producing deeply relaxing highs that transition into an uplifting euphoria, which helps users feel calm but not couch-locked.

Starting with a gentle relaxing of the muscles, the warm and comfortable feeling this high elicits often leads to a pleasant sleepiness and increased appetite which can be of particular interest for medical patients. Awesome side benefits include laughter and smiles.

Those unfamiliar with this strain and other strong indica varieties may want to ease into it gradually.

Taste, smell and appearance

Beginning slowly with soft subtle tastes of earthy pine upon inhaling, Northern lights smoothly transitions to a much sweeter more citrus like flavour on the exhale. This fine balance provides a sought after smoking experience that not many other strains can offer.

If true beauty lies in the eye of the beholder then chances are this is what they’re holding. The emerald green, crystalline buds radiate light and closer inspection will reveal delicate streaks of purple and blue. Competing for your attention are the pronounced sweet and spicy aromas, with shots of pine and wood soon making themselves known.


Northern Lights plants are best known for their shorter flowering time and ease of growing due to their highly resistant nature.

This plant is deceptive in a fun way. It isn’t a tall plant, which can be disappointing if you don’t know how much awesome bud it’s going to produce! This is one of our favorite high yielding compact plants and is a classic for both indoor and outdoor growers.

What are feminized seeds?

If your aim is to harvest cannabis buds to smoke, then buy feminized seeds because the buds are present only in the female plants. Feminized seeds will guarantee 100% female crops as they are specially bred to produce only female plants. Female plants start flowering when they receive less light per day, meaning in autumn or when growers manipulate the light cycle indoors.

If your aim is to produce your own seeds, however, then buy the regular seeds. Feminized seeds are not the appropriate choice for you as they do not allow the development of male plants.

How to grow Northern Lights seeds

Growing Northern Lights seeds will benefit LST should space be an issue, but if left to its own devices outside this hardy variety has been known to grow to tree like proportions.

Best climate to grow Northern Lights seeds

If growing outdoors, a moderate climate, sunny, and you’ll get great bud in no time! It can actually get a lot bigger grown outdoors if handled the right way.

Flowering & yield

The flowering time is, on average, 7-9 weeks often falling on the shorter side-so keep an eye out.

With a moderate plant height of between 100-150cm and solid yields of between 400-500 g/m2, this is a variety that lends itself to new and experienced growers alike.

Feeding Northern Lights plants

We recommend giving your plants:

You can find more help, ideas and tips from our growing guide.

Medical benefits

Herbs grown from Northern Lights cannabis seeds have great medical value. Northern Lights’ body focused high makes it a great aid for both physical and mental problems. It provides great instant release for those plagued by stress, negative thoughts, mood swing and anxiety. It also helps with  pains, PMS, headaches or migraines, muscle spasms or hypertension or arthritis.

If you are looking for ideas to make topical products and delicious edibles then head to our recipe corner and lifestyle section.

Our verdict on Northern Lights feminized seeds

Northern Lights is a classic for a reason, with the ability to lull smokers into a dreamlike state of calm and serenity, all while enjoying its soft balanced flavour and sweet aroma. Growers will be equally rewarded by plants that are easy to grow and provide an abundant, high quality harvest. All things considered it is hard not to recommend Northern Lights to anyone looking for a blissful indica weed.

Buy Northern Lights cannabis seeds

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Additional information

Seed type


THC content

15 – 18%


400 – 500 g/sm

Flowering time

6 – 8 weeks, 8 – 10 weeks


Medium: 100 – 180 cm

Strain type

Indica dominant


< 1%




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