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northern lights autoflower from crop king seeds

An overview of northern lights autoflower

Northern Lights is one of the few auto-flowering strains suitable for commercial cultivation. It is a popular commercial variety due to its quick flowering time and high yields. Northern Lights Autoflower cannabis strain is a magnificent auto-flowering strain derived from Afghani Indica and Thai Sativa hybrid. This renowned variety grows tall and heavy with thin, long, sticky buds. The thick buds are encased in a layer of crystal resin.

Northern Lights Auto has a pleasant aroma with notes of skunk and berry. Its effects are intense, profound, and long-lasting. It alleviates stress and anxiety and is beneficial in treating depression, pain, nausea, and insomnia. Northern Lights Autoflower cannabis strain matures in 8 to 10 weeks and develops to 80-100 cm height. Because of its fast flowering time, excellent output, and resilience to mold and pests are an ideal strain for beginner auto-flower farmers.

Northern Lights is predominantly Indica. When flowering, the Sativa-dominant features are apparent, with Sativa-like stretch in the leaves. Northern Light’s buds are not dense, yet the plant produces a lot of yields. If cultivated in good conditions, the flowers are dark green with orange pistils.

What makes northern lights auto so special?


Northern Lights Autoflower is one of the most well-known marijuana strains worldwide. A cross between Thai and Afghan cannabis, Northern Lights first became popular in California medical cannabis clubs. Its high THC level (up to 18%) makes it an ideal choice for those seeking a heady, long-lasting buzz. The original Northern Lights was created in Holland before becoming available in America. It was later improved upon by Sensi Seeds, who developed the Northern Lights Auto seeds


When it comes to yield, Northern Lights automatically delivers big buds. Using Holland’s famed expertise in cannabis cultivation, Sensi Seeds bred this variety to grow tall and branch out. The result is an automatic variety that grows in a bush-type manner, forming long colas.

Despite its great yield, the flavor is not sacrificed in favor of size. No matter what you look for in a smoke, Northern Lights has it all. Slow burning and heavy-hitting – this strain is well suited to the patient who needs relief throughout the day. Northern Lights Auto has a short flowering time of 10-14 weeks and finishes flowering in mid-October.

Taste and smell

The Northern Lights strain has a strong aroma. It is famous for its aromatic and spicy scent, with a hint of lime and ammonia. This particular strain helped to pave the way for hybrid marijuana plants. While only containing an average THC level of around 18%, this is a potent and flavorful flower worth trying for its unique traits and the iconic name alone.

The taste of Northern Lights is similar to the smell. It has a skunky quality, with other flavors detectable after inhaling. There are also hints of sweet, dankness that linger after exhaling. Northern Lights won’t knock you down with a killer punch. It’s a smooth, sophisticated blend of piney tones, lemongrass, and a little spice for good measure. The taste is sweet and tangy.

Northern lights autoflower strain effects

Users will experience a sense of euphoria after using Northern Lights, making them feel dreamy and content. Users can expect a clean, full-bodied high that will envelop the mind and the body in a listless feeling of calmness. Northern Lights Autoflower is an excellent strain for novice users trying cannabis for the first time because it offers clearheaded relaxation without any paranoia or anxiety.

This strain is a 90% Indica-dominant hybrid, making it suitable for practically any occasion. Whether you need to relax or go for a walk in the park, its effects will fit in perfectly and won’t leave you feeling hazy. Stress, discomfort, nausea, and depression are just a few of the emotions that it will alleviate, which is why many medical patients choose this strain in general.

Northern Lights is well renowned for its ability to improve mood due to its high THC content. It is most commonly recommended for patients who want to medicate pain caused by an injury or disease or wish to reduce stress or worry that has become chronic. This strain causes significant relaxation, soothing stiff muscles and even reducing acute depressive feelings.

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