MSNL seed bank review

Finding a trustworthy and reliable cannabis seed bank online can be a bit hit and miss. We’ve all been stung in the past by poor germination, plants turning hermie and packages not arriving. If you are on this page, I suppose you are looking for the lowdown on MSNL seed bank. To help you answer the question on if MSNL seeds are a legitimate and trustworthy seed bank we placed an anonymous order with them to see how they operate….

Let’s take a look at whether MSNL seeds really are any good.

Who are MSNL seed bank?

MSNL is a Dutch online cannabis seed bank that’s been around for over 20 years. They have a great website that is easy to navigate and have a huge range of exciting and exotic strains from the more recent Slurricane to the old school classics such as White Widow. With over 300 different strains available in feminized, autoflower, regular and fast flowering seeds, you really won’t be stuck for choice.

Where is MSNL seed bank located?

There are a lot of questions asked about where MSNL is actually located, their website and branding all point to Amsterdam the home of marijuana, but their seeds are shipped from the UK. So, we did a little digging for you and reached out to them….

What we found is that MSNL in its early years was originally based in the Netherlands, and one of the owners is Dutch, however at some point they moved to the UK. Now MSNL seed bank is located in the UK. However, they still breed their stock in the Netherlands. So technically you have Dutch seeds shipped from the UK.

Who is the owner of MSNL?

After scouring the internet, it seemed pretty difficult to find out who the owners of MSNL are. However, that really is not unusual with cannabis seed banks. After all, what they are selling is still considered illegal in some countries.

What we managed to find out is that the owners of MSNL are Christian and Ben, two friends who way back in 1999 decided to create their own cannabis seed bank. As far as we are told they still are the owners of MSNL today.

If you want to read the brand story of MSNL visit their about us page for a full history.

Is MSNL seed bank legit?

‘Is MSNL legit?’ Possibly one of the most common questions that people ask to google. However, what they should really be asking is ‘are MSNL seeds any good?’.

Well, the short answer is Yes, MSNL Seed Bank is definitely legit. They have been in business for over two decades, have a Facebook page with over 3.5 thousand followers and have a strong online presence on sites such as Growdiaries where you can see plenty of people growing their seeds.

How long does it take to get seeds from MSNL?

MSNL is one of the few marijuana seed banks that still ships worldwide and one of the biggest selling points to customers located in the US, Canada or the UK is their shipping times.

MSNL seed bank offers express shipping and delivers seeds to the USA, Canada and UK in 1-7 business days. EU countries within 5-10 days and Australia within 15-30 days.

However, the express shipping option comes at a cost, normal delivery times are up to 20 days to the US and Canada, but if you are in a hurry to get your seeds in the ground you can pay a little bit extra to have them express shipped within one week.

Normally I am not impressed by shipping options, but this is excellent news for any customers based in the US, Canada and UK.

MSNL delivery times by region:

  • UK: 1-3 days
  • USA: 1-7 days (express shipping $27)
  • Canada: 1-7 days
  • EU: 5 – 10 days
  • Australia: 15 – 30 days
msnl express delivery banner

Does MSNL offer discreet shipping?

Yes, MSNL Seed Bank offers discreet shipping so you can order your seeds without worrying. They use plain packaging that does not display any logos or branding and ship their seeds hidden inside nice souvenirs. However, if you order using their express shipping method the seeds are shipped from within the country you live in and therefore are not packaged stealth.

What payment methods do MSNL offer?

MSNL has one of the biggest selections of payment options that we have seen from any cannabis seed bank. MSNL accepts payment by credit card, debit card, bank transfer, Bitcoin, Zelle, Venmo and Cashapp.

Do MSNL accept Paypal?

Unfortunately, no, MSNL does not accept Paypal payments.

How good are MSNL seeds genetics?

We thought about how we could review MSNL’s seeds and decided that the only way to give you a proper review was to test them for ourselves. So, we placed an anonymous order with MSNL, here’s how it went…

We ordered 3 different strains and tested them for quality in 3 key areas; germination, stability and bud quality, here are the results:

White Widow Max Feminized

  • THC



500-600 g/sm


8-10 weeks


100-180 cm

msnl seed bank white widow max feminized cannabis seeds

Germination – 9/10

Stability – We grew the 9 seeds that germinated into lush healthy plants. Of these 9 two of the plants looked slightly different and grew shorter showing a different phenotype but with equally large yields.

Bud Quality – White Widow Max gets a 10/10 for bud quality, the smoke was smooth and the THC levels immense. We can see why MSNL named it White Widow ‘Max’ because it is like White Widow on steroids with huge buds covered with sticky trichomes.

Gorilla Glue Feminized

  • THC

25-30 %


Over 600 g/sm


8-10 weeks


180-220 cm

msnl seed bank gorilla glue feminized seeds

Germination – 8/10

Stability – We germinated 8 seeds which I was happy with, anything above 8 out of 10 I consider good. Of these they all grew excellently, one of the plants was slightly smaller than the rest but overall I was very impressed with the outcome and yield.

Bud Quality – This is where Gorilla Glue really separates itself from other strains. The initial inhale was incredibly strong even for a seasoned stoner like myself. I must say I did feel a little couch locked and zoned out but if you want a high strength cannabis strain then Gorilla Glue is perfect.

Auto Amnesia Haze Feminized

  • THC

Around 18%


400-500 g/sm


10-12 weeks


60-100 cm

msnl auto amnesia haze cannabis seeds

Germination – 9/10

Stability – 9 out of 10 germinated and of these 8 made it to a full sized plant. All the plants were around the same size with a typical tall sativa shape showing good stability with the genetics.

Bud Quality – The smoke was very smooth and pleasant tasting with a nice uplifting high that makes users feel sociable. Amnesia Auto would be an excellent strain for daytime smoking or during social occasions.

How good is the customer service at MSNL?

Despite being pretty pleased with how our order went we still needed to find a way to test the customer service at MSNL. So, we decided to make a complaint.

We contacted MSNL through the live chat button on their website, and complained that our seeds did not germinate. To our surprise the customer service agent was incredibly helpful and offered to send a replacement out to me.

So, with regards to the customer service MSNL gets a great big thumbs up from us!

Does MSNL guarantee germination?

Yes, MSNL Seed Bank does have a germination guarantee. MSNL guarantees a germination rate of at least 90% when using proper germination methods. If you have any problem with MSNL’s seeds they will offer you a free replacement or credit towards your next order.

MSNL promotions and sales

MSNL Seed bank banner

MSNL’s seeds aren’t cheap, but they do run plenty of promos so it’s not difficult to bag yourself a bargain. However, we have found that to get the best deals you need to sign up to their subscriber list so that you are notified when they drop a new flash sale.

MSNL regularly have flash sales that last about a week, if you can time your purchase with this, you will save yourself a lot of money.

MSNL discount codes, coupon codes and promo codes

We have scoured the internet in search of the best discount codes, coupon codes and promo codes for you to use on MSNL.

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How to get free seeds from MSNL?

MSNL free seeds promo offer

Yes, you read that right – MSNL Seed Bank gives out free seeds! There are a few ways to get your hands on them. First, you can take advantage of their promotions that offer free seeds with your purchase. They also have a loyalty program that rewards you with points for every purchase. Once you accumulate enough points, you can redeem them for free seeds! You can also wait until they have a big sale where they will usually have a selection of best sellers on buy one get one free.

How did MSNL do when we ordered?

Well we have already told you how the seeds did, pretty much 80-90% germinated and grew into nice healthy cannabis plants. But how easy was it to order from them and what was the process like?

Our experience with MSNL seeds

Website and shopping experience: Overall ordering from MSNL was easy, the website is nicely laid out and simple to navigate. The only downside we had was the checkout process could have been a little bit smoother. The checkout page took a while to load so we had to refresh and add the products to our basket again.

Payment: For us this wasn’t an issue, we paid with bank wire which took 2 days to clear and for the order to be shipped. However, the fact that MSNL does not accept Paypal could be a bit of a problem for some customers.

Delivery: We decided to test their new express delivery option and were pleasantly surprised. The advertised time was 1-5 days and it arrived on day 4. The seeds were not stealth packaged, however, given that were shipped from the USA to the USA this did not pose any issue as they did not need to go through customs.

Seeds: The seeds arrived in an ordinary padded envelope and were shipped by USPS which shows that MSNL must have an office in the USA as well as in the UK. The seeds were neatly labelled in clear bags. If you are a grower that prefers to have seeds packaged inside breeder packs then you will probably prefer ordering from somewhere like 420 Seeds instead. Despite their sparse packaging we had a 90% germination rate so whatever they are doing it looks like its working.

MSNL review - High Yield Strains verdict

High Yield Strains Verdict: Are MSNL seed bank any good?

After researching MSNL Seed Bank and their offerings, we can confidently say that their seeds are up there with the best we have grown. With a wide variety of strains available, discreet shipping, and excellent customer service. Plus, with their germination guarantee, you can order with confidence. So, what are you waiting for? Head on over to their website and start browsing their selection of high-quality cannabis seeds today. But one last thing…. Don’t forget your coupon code!