MSNL Seeds Review:
MSNL review
Seed Quality
9.5 / 10
9 / 10
Customer service
9 / 10

If you are looking to buy marijuana seeds then you have to to the right place. At HYS we have reviewed all of the top seed banks including MSNL seeds who you may know better as Marijuana Seeds NL. This review will give you the low down on one of the worlds biggest online seed retailers from the quality of their genetics to making a purchase on their website, so that you can make an informed decision on if MSNL seed bank is the right choice for you. 

MSNL Seeds - About the brand

MSNL Seed bank was founded in 1999 by two cannabis enthusiast friends Christian and Ben making it one of the oldest online cannabis seed banks in the world. After travelling around the world and sampling some the best cannabis strains from Australia and Europe the two friends built up their own collection of seeds and began to grow their own. Back in the 90’s seed banks were virtually unheard of, and they spotted a gap in the market for a website that sells not only the top-quality cannabis strains that they had sampled, but a variety of unique crosses that they themselves had produced. Over the course of a three years the pair managed to build up a collection of over 40 varieties of cannabis strain including three of their own creations, White Widow Max, White LSD and THC Snow. 

Since its birth MSNL has come a long way and they now stock over 250 varieties of cannabis seeds from their original creations of White Widow Max to newer strains such as Do Si Dos and Girl Scout Cookies. MSNL works with a team of breeders throughout the Netherlands to bring the best cannabis seeds from the region to the wider market.

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runtz seeds from msnl seed bank

Runtz Seeds - MSNL Seeds Best Seller

Strain of the year by leafly Runtz is a potent 50/50 hybrid cross of Zkittlez and Gelato. With THC levels of up to 25% and yields up to 500 gr/m² Runtz will produce plenty of its candy-like potent buds.

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Product quality at MSNL seed bank

Our MSNL review would not be complete without us covering the quality of the seeds. MSNL seed bank was the brainchild of two geneticists and this shows through both their stock range and the quality of their seeds. To do a thorough test of MSNL strains we ordered 3 strains from them and tested them for quality in 3 key areas; Germination, Stability and smoke, here are the result.

MSNL review

White Widow Max Feminised

Germination – 9/10

Stability – We grew the 9 seeds that germinated into lush healthy plants. Of these 9 two of the plants looked slightly different and grew shorter showing a different phenotype but with equally large yields.

Smoke – White Widow Max gets a 10/10 for bud quality, the smoke was smooth and the THC levels immense. We can see why MSNL named it White Widow ‘Max’ because it is like White Widow on steroids with huge buds covered with sticky trichomes.

Gorilla Glue Feminised

MSNL review of gorilla glueGermination – 8/10

Stability – We germinated 8 seeds which I was happy with, anything above 8 out of 10 I consider good. Of these they all grew excellently, one of the plants was slightly smaller than the rest but overall I was very impressed with the outcome and yield.

Smoke – This is where Gorilla Glue really separates itself from other strains. The initial inhale was incredibly strong even for a seasoned stoner like myself. I must say I did feel a little couch locked and zoned out but if you want a high strength cannabis strain then Gorilla Glue is perfect.

Auto Amnesia Haze Feminised

MSNL reviewGermination – 9/10

Stability – 9 out of 10 germinated and of these 8 made it to a full sized plant. All the plants were around the same size with a typical tall sativa shape showing good stability with the genetics.

Smoke – The smoke was very smooth and pleasant tasting with a nice uplifting high that makes users feel sociable. Amnesia Auto would be an excellent strain for daytime smoking or during social occasions.

MSNL customer service and reputation

MSNL seed bank has over 20 years experience in the cannabis seed industry and this shows with the quality of their stock. One aspect that lets a lot of cannabis seed banks down is their lack of customer service or how difficult it is to contact them. This is where MSNL separates themselves from the pack. MSNL have two phone numbers on their website, one for international customers and the other for UK customers, they also have an online contact form that goes straight to their excellent customer service team.

MSNL pride themselves on their customer service and have a delivery guarantee, if for any reason a package does not arrive they will resend it to you free of charge.

MSNL Seeds Strain Selection

MSNL seed bank stocks a huge range of over 250 cannabis seeds made up of feminised, autoflowering, regular and high CBD strains so you will not be stuck for choice if you are looking for something specific to grow.

Along with the well-known strains such as White Widow and Northern Lights MSNL also stock a range of more exotic and unique strains that you are unlikely to find anywhere else online. Strains such as White Widow Max, Golden Nugget and White LSD are their own creations that were born out of their love for cannabis.

MSNL seed bank regularly update their stock selection with new releases and have also recently added a range of fast flowering photoperiod strains including Bruce Banner Fast Flowering, Power Plant Fast Flowering, OG Kush Fast Flowering, Amnesia Fast Flowering and Blue Cinderealla 99 Flowering. 

Fast Flowering strains have become the latest craze in cannabis seeds because they can flower in under 8 weeks and provide impressive yields. They are a bridge between autoflowers and photoperiods mixing the fast flowering trait of an auto with the bigger yields and stability of a photoperiod.

runtz seeds from msnl seed bank

Runtz Seeds - MSNL Seeds Best Seller

Strain of the year by leafly Runtz is a potent 50/50 hybrid cross of Zkittlez and Gelato. With THC levels of up to 25% and yields up to 500 gr/m² Runtz will produce plenty of its candy-like potent buds.

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MSNL seed bank payment methods

MSNL seed bank accepts a variety of payment methods making it super easy to pay, including all major cards, bank wire, bitcoin, cash and money orders.

Bitcoin and bank transfer discounts

Before placing your order it is worth noting that MSNL offers discounts for customers paying via Bitcoin and Bank Wire.

Bitcoin – All customers paying via bitcoin get a 15% discount.

Bank Wire – All customers paying via bank wire get a 10% discount and double free seeds.

Policy on shipping and delivery

MSNL ships cannabis seeds worldwide and aims to dispatch all orders within 24 hours.

Delivery times

UK: 2-5 days

EU: 5 – 10 days

USA: 7 – 14 days

AUS: 7 – 14 days

MSNL offers three different levels of shipping, standard, stealth and guaranteed. 

Standard is your basic level of shipping, packages are sent with Royal Mail normally untracked.

With Stealth Shipping seeds are hidden discreetly inside CD cases or clothing items such as woolly hats.

Guaranteed Stealth provides the discreteness of stealth shipping along with a level of assurance whereby if the order does not arrive it is reshipped to you free of charge.

MSNL free seed offer

On top of the awesome sales MSNL also offer all customers up to 7 free feminised or autoflower free seeds with all orders, the more you spend the more freebies you get.


Current MSNL free seed offer

  • Every order gets 2 FREE feminised seeds.
  • Orders over £55 get 4 FREE feminised seeds.
  • Orders over £100 get 7 FREE feminised seeds.

MSNL seed bank reward scheme

MSNL seed bank offer a fantastic reward scheme for their loyal customers. For every pound spent you get three reward points in return, these are then redeemable against any future orders.

How can you earn reward points at MSNL seed bank?

  • Spend money – £1 spent gives you 3 reward points
  • Give them your D.O.B – When you sign up to MSNL give them your date of birth, you will be given 750 points for FREE on your birthday.
  • Refer a friend – MSNL will give you 750 reward points for referring a friend
  • Sign up the newsletter – MSNL will give you 50 points
  • Review a product – Happy with your purchase? Leave a review online and MSNL will give you 50 reward points.

MSNL seed bank reward points are worth 1 penny each, so 1000 = £10. This may seem like a lot of points but think of it this way, MSNL gives you £7.50 worth of points completely free on your birthday.

TIP – Want to save money on your cannabis seed order? Visit our DISCOUNT CODES page for exclusive cannabis coupon codes and special offers that could save you up to 40% off the price of your order.

Final words

All in all our MSNL review is very positive, they offer the same strains as most other top seed banks as well as some their own unique creations. MSNL seed bank runs the best sales when compared with other online seed banks and if you are a savvy shopper you can grab yourself a great bargain by using one of our MSNL discount codes when you place your order.

MSNL seed bank has been operating since 1999 and has a strong online presence and great customer service. The only down side is that MSNL does not name the breeder of their cannabis strains and seeds do not come in a breeder pack. Depending on where you live in the world this could be a positive thing, MSNL does this because it improves their stealth shipping and customer discretion has always been a top priority of theirs.


Phone number for MSNL seed bank

MSNL UK phone number: 02037332498

MSNL international phone number: +44(0)7909316916

MSNL seed bank top 3 strains

At what we like most about MSNL seed bank are their unique creations, these may not necessarily be their best sellers, but you wont find these genetics anywhere else in the world. THC Snow and White Widow Max are their very own creations, bred and produced by MSNL in Holland and not available on any other websites. Knowing this we couldn’t resist a try and we were more than impressed upon growing them.

White Widow Max

White Widow Max is an indica-dominant hybrid produced by crossing the White Widow and Big Bud strains. White Widow Max not only produces extra-large yields of big, high-quality buds, but also an overall THC content of 18-22 percent. Despite the fact that CBD and CBN levels are often below 1%, this strain has the ability to help with a variety of medical conditions.

Recommended Retailer: MSNL

THC Snow

The plant is extremely stable, making it suitable for both novice and seasoned growers. Thanks to the THC Bomb genes, the flowering time is kept short, and the yield is increased thanks to the Big Bud. THC is considered heavy, but not as strong as White Russian or THC Bomb, and provides a solid all-over body and head stone. Lemon, fuel, and spice dominate the flavor profile.

Recommended Retailer: MSNL

Thai Stick

Unlike the rest of weed on the market, Thai Stick is a naturally occurring landrace sativa with no mutations or crossbreeding. Thai Stick, once known for its strength, has been surpassed in intensity by modern hybrid strains, with THC levels ranging from 15 to 18 percent and no substantial CBD content.

Recommended Retailer: MSNL

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