London Pound Cake Strain Review

London Pound Cake strain is a hybrid cross of Sunset Sherbet and an undisclosed Indica. Given that this strain, bred by Cookies, it is no wonder that it has also shot to fame like many of its predessors. Known for its rich flavor profile and potent effects London Pound Cake provides a deeply calming experience. In this review, we’ll take a look at anything and everything there is to know about London Pound Cake. From its history and effects to what its like to grow. Let’s dive right in and get ourselves a slice of that cake!

London Pound Cake strain profile

Indica dominant hybrid: 70% Indica and 30% Sativa

  • THC: 25 – 30%
  • Indoor Yield: 400 g/m²
  • CBD: 0.15 – 0.39%
  • Flowering: 8-10 weeks
  • Effect: Relaxed, euphoric

Is London Pound Cake strain Indica or Sativa?

With a 70% Indica and 30% Sativa blend, London Pound Cake leans heavily towards Indica. This ratio contributes to a body-focused high, with just enough Sativa to keep your spirits uplifted. In growth, expect the typical Indica characteristics: bushier plants and shorter flowering times.

How strong is London Pound Cake weed strain?

London Pound Cake packs a punch with a THC content of over 25%. Low in CBD, at less than 1%, the high is intensely psychoactive. Euphoria and relaxation will take hold quickly as you’re enveloped by a cozy cerebral and body high.

What are the effects of London Pound Cake strain?

London Pound Cake provides an indulgent high. It swiftly brings a serene calm, followed by an uplifting mental clarity. The effects are potent, leaving both body and mind deeply relaxed.


  • Citrus
  • Herbal
  • Earthy


  • Euphoric
  • Happy
  • Relaxed


  • Dry eye
  • Dry mouth
  • Paranoia

What are the potential medical effects of London pound cake?

London Pound Cake is reported by users to ease symptoms associated with stress, depression, anxiety, and pain. Its high THC content could contribute to its potential pain-relieving properties.

Does London pound cake strain make you hungry?

Users report an increase in appetite after partaking in London Pound Cake. If you’re looking to get a good meal in, this strain might just be your perfect dinner companion.

Does London pound cake strain make you sleepy?

Absolutely! London Pound Cake is known to induce drowsiness. With its high Indica content, it’s perfect for winding down after a long day. In fact to say it makes you sleepy is an understatement. Expect to be well and truly couch-locked.

Growing London Pound Cake weed


  • Difficulty: Difficult
  • Flowering type: Photoperiod
  • Flowering time: 8-10 weeks
  • indoor Yield: 400 g/m²
  • Outdoor Yield: 500 g/m²
  • Harvest Time: 11 weeks
  • Indoor Height: 150 – 200 cm
  • Outdoor Height: 220 cm

During the vegetative stage London Pound Cake will develop a dense bushy structure typical of Indica strains. During this stage, Low-Stress Training (LST) can be effective in promoting better light exposure. Techniques such as topping and Scrog can also be implemented to maximize yields.

As it enters the flowering stage, expect to witness dense buds with a mix of vibrant colors. This strain has a sweet, berry-like aroma. It is moderately hungry for nutrients. Keep an eye on the trichomes, as a milky white color signals it’s time to harvest around mid-October.

Is London Pound Cake strain good for beginners?

Growing London Pound Cake can be forgiving for novices due to its robust nature. Its short bushy indica structure makes it a great choice for indoor grows.

What are the main terpenes in London Pound Cake Strain weed?

The dominant terpenes in London Pound Cake are Limonene, Caryophyllene, and Linalool. Limonene imparts citrus notes, Caryophyllene adds a hint of spiciness, and Linalool brings floral tones. Together, they create a complex and delectable aroma reminiscent of a sweet dessert.


  • THC 25 – 30%
  • CBD 0.15 – 0.39%
  • CBC 0.44 – 1.42%
  • CBG 0.39 – 1.16%
  • CBN 0.55 – 0.25%
  • THCV 0.61 – 1.7%


Ocimene0.3%.0Sweet, Herbal, Woody
Humulene0.27%Woody, Earthy, Spicy
Limonene0.09%Citrus, Lemon
Eucalyptol0.3%Minty, Spicy, Cool
Phellandrene0.03%Peppery, Minty, Citrus

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