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I Love Growing Marijuana was founded by Robert Bergman 2012. Over the last decade ILGM have grown quickly to become one of the biggest and best known cannabis seed banks in the world. But when it comes to making an order how do ILGM stack up against the competition? Lets take a look at their website, customer service, germination rates and how they do in terms of delivering your seeds….

ILGM reviews

Is ILGM any good?
















  • Germination guarantee
  • Free shipping above $99
  • Up to 7 free seeds
  • Express shipping (USA, Candada & UK)
  • Worldwide shipping (INCLUDING AUS)
  • Great customer support
  • Wholesale discounts


  • No EU express shipping
  • No AUS express shipping
  • Paypal not accepted

ILGM offers

If you like a bargain then ILGM is a fantastic place to you your cannabis seeds with regular BOGOF deals on their most popular strains. ILGM have also given us some great coupon codes to help you save a few more bucks off your order.

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$10 off all orders with this promo code

ILGM Seed bank features

  • Free delivery
  • Crypto, Zelle Venmo
  • Cards accepted


Although ILGM do not offer free seeds with their orders, they are the only seed bank that consistently has a selection of strains on buy one get one free. It’s worthwhile checking out the ILGM deals page regularly to get the best offers. ILGM has roughly 10 strains at any one time on BOGOF, although set yourself a reminder to check back on labour day, black Friday and during the Christmas sales where they have a much wider selection.

ILGM seed bank overview

ILGM is originally a Dutch seed bank that was created by Robert Bergman, a highly experienced marijuana enthusiast with over ten years of experience cultivating and growing cannabis strains. They have low prices, high-quality genetics, and ship to a wide range of countries. Whatever your taste, this trustworthy supplier of marijuana seeds will provide you with something of your liking.

ILGM stands for ‘I Love Growing Marijuana’ and is the name that Robert Bergman gave his seed bank when he founded it in 2012.

Despite ILGM originally being located in Netherlands, in 2020 they made the move the US and unfortunately for their EU customers, they now only deliver within the states.

Robert Bergman founded ILGM in 2012 and is still the owner of the seed bank.

‘Is ILGM legit?’. The short answer is yes, ILGM seed bank are legit, they have been delivering cannabis seeds around the world since 2012. The only real disappointment is that ILGM now only deliver to the states.

To back up the claim that they are a legitimate seed bank here are some stats to prove it.

Well, the short answer is Yes, MSNL Seed Bank is definitely legit. They have been in business for over two decades, have a Facebook page with over 3.5 thousand followers and have a strong online presence on sites such as Growdiaries where you can see plenty of people growing their seeds.

Business Info

  • 415-906-0434
  • 931 10th Street, #272 95354 Modesto California USA

Price range per seed

$5.95 – $14.90

Shipping and delivery

ILGM ships orders within 24 hours of you placing it. They then on average take 2-5 days to arrive. One of ILGMs key selling points is that they offer free shipping to all US customers and deliver within 2-10 days.

ILGM seed bank is located in California and only deliver to customers within the United States. Unfortunately ILGM does not ship to EU, Australia, UK, Canada or anywhere else outside of the US.

ILGM ship all orders inside a plain padded envelope without any branding on the package. However, they do not ship seeds stealth in the traditional sense. There is nothing on the outer packaging that says ‘ILGM’ or ‘Cannabis Seeds’ but when you open the envelope the seeds are not hidden inside anything like what some cannabis seed companies do. The seeds are just simply packaged in a clear bag with a strain label on them.

ILGM offer free express shipping on all orders which is one of their main selling points. However, because they do not offer regular seeds or packs of less than 5 you will most likely end up spending over $90.


ILGM has one of the easiest checkouts to use and offer a wide range of payments to all customers including…

  • Visa and Mastercard
  • ACH bank wire
  • Zelle, Bill Pay, Check
  • Cash in the post
  • Bitcoin

Unfortunately, no, ILGM does not accept Paypal payments.

Yes ILGM have a safe and secure checkout, so they are 100% safe to use. We paid ILGM a visit and checked their website according to google, Norton and Securi.

They have a ton of positive reviews from the likes of Trustpilot, Growdiaries and

  • Norton Safe Site Test checks websites for threats like malware and phishing.
  • Sucuri is a cloud-based service scanning sites for malware, blacklisting status, and software vulnerabilities.
  • Google Transparency Report assesses websites’ safety, flagging potential dangers such as harmful downloads or deceptive content.

ILGM passes each of these checks so it is safe to use their website to buy your seeds.







Does ILGM have good genetics?

ILGM stocks around 150 different types of cannabis strain, they do not stock any regular seeds however, so if you are looking to breed cannabis other seed banks such as MSNL Seed Bank or Crop King Seeds will have a better selection for you. have a great stock range, you will find most of the old school genetics such as White Widow, Northern Lights and G13, as well as newer varieties of West Coast genetics such as Girl Scout Cookies Extreme and Zkittlez. Out of all of the online seed banks we have tried, ILGM has one of the best high CBD strain ranges, even stocking some of the harder-to-find strains such as Harlequin and CBD Kush, making them a great seed bank if you are in the CBD industry or you are looking to self-medicate.

Girl Scout Cookies Extreme By ILGM Seeds


21 oz per plant

8-10 weeks

100-180 cm

girl scout cookies extreme from ILGM

Girl Scout Cookies Extreme, a creation by ILGM, is an 80% indica and 20% sativa strain. Boasting THC levels of up to 21%, it promises a relaxing yet euphoric experience, uplifting the user while sparking creativity. While moderately challenging to grow, it thrives indoors and in Mediterranean climates. It has a vegetative stage of 4-8 weeks and flowers in 7-10 weeks, yielding up to 21 oz per plant. A complex aroma entices, mixing notes of diesel, earth, and lemon with hints of skunky, spicy sweetness. Its taste mirrors its scent, blending herbal, pungent, and sweet undertones, thanks to a rich terpene profile including Caryophyllene and D-Limonene.

Peanut Butter Breath By ILGM Seeds

25-30 %

Over 600 g/sm

8-10 weeks

180-220 cm

peanut butter breath by ilgm

Peanut Butter Breath by ILGM strikes a balance with 50% indica and 50% sativa genetics. It boasts a potent THC content of up to 27%. This strain is a dream for growers, easy to cultivate, thriving indoors and in temperate to continental climates. Expect average plant sizes, a 4-8 week vegetative stage, and 8-10 week flowering time. It yields between 14 and 18 oz per plant. The aromatic profile presents an alluring mix of earthy and nutty tones, complemented by sweet candy and savory hints. Tasting just as good as it smells, its effects are deeply sedating and relaxing. Rich in terpenes like L-Limonene and Myrcene, it’s no surprise it clinched the 2022 Leafly Strain of the Year.

Gorilla Zkittlez By ILGM Seeds


18 to 35 oz per plant

10-12 weeks

120 – 160 cm

msnl auto amnesia haze cannabis seeds

Gorilla Zkittlez by ILGM is a harmonious blend, featuring 60% indica and 40% sativa genetics. With THC levels reaching 22%, it delivers a euphoric and uplifting high, keeping you focused and happy. This strain is effortless to cultivate, thriving indoors and in Steppe or Mediterranean climates. It has an average growth size and undergoes a vegetative stage of 4-8 weeks, followed by an 8-10 week flowering period. Growers can anticipate yields between 18 and 35 oz per plant. The taste profile offers a mix of earthy, pungent, and sweet flavors. Its aromatic essence, rich in terpenes like Terpinolene and D-Limonene, complements the taste perfectly.

What is ILGM customer service like?

ILGM advertise that they have a germination guarantee and have a great customer support team. We contacted ILGM about a problem with our seeds and they replied within a couple of days offering to send out some replacements so they can certainly be trusted as far as germination goes.

The ILGM support page has a built in contact form making it nice and easy to get hold of them. However, there was no live chat or whatsapp option as with MSNL or Crop King (their closest competitors).

Yes ILGM have a full proof 100% germination guarantee and will offer replacements should you have any issues with germinating your cannabis seeds.

Their germination promise is further enhanced by the fact that they appeal directly to new growers. It also goes to show how supportive they are in their seed genetics as well as the nature of their instructional materials–they believe that everyone will succeed! They are not only certain, but they are betting money on it.

ILGM offer guaranteed delivery on every single order. They do not ship outside of the US so there should be very little issues receiving your seeds from them providing you are located in the states.

Our experience with ILGM seeds

ILGM have a great website with tons of useful information from strain reviews to grow guides that will help with every step of your growing journey. Lets see how they performed when we did a test order….

How did ILGM do when we ordered?

Website and shopping experience: The website is easy to use, the cart process is simple and straight forward and they have lots of payment methods to choose from.

Payment: ILGM accepts a variety of payment types, including bank deposit, bank transfer, credit cards, bitcoin, currency, and checks. They’ll walk you through the process step by step, regardless of which payment method you use. For its anonymity, Bitcoin is strongly recommended, and the business even gives a 10% discount on this method of payment.

Delivery: ILoveGrowingMarijuana is a fantastic online seed bank. They have unrestricted, super-fast shipping to the United States and the European Union (4 days on average) Customer service at ILGM is excellent, and they provide an exclusive 100% germination guarantee. Their seeds, on the other hand, are a little expensive, although they don’t currently ship to Canada, Australia or the United Kingdom.

Out of every seed ILGM has one of the best shipping policies and delivery promises. If you don’t receive your seeds, the ILoveGrowingMarijuana team guarantees that you will receive a replacement at no cost. 

Seeds: We placed an order with ILGM and get a solid 80% germination rate. Okay so not 100% but anyone with any experience buying cannabis seeds will know that 80% plus is pretty darn good.

ILGM Robert sale banner

Who are Ilgm competitors?

MSNL seeds are the closest competitors of ILGM seed bank. However, the main advantage MSNL have over their rival is that they still deliver worldwide. If you want to buy from ILGM but live outside of the US then read our MSNL seeds review to get some insider knowledge on this seed bank.

Seedsman are a massive seed bank with a big inventory of branded seeds. If you want to get your hands on some seeds by the likes of Green House and Barneys then read our Seedsman review to get the low down on how good a seed bank they really are.

Crop King are the number one cannabis seed bank in Canada. They ship to the USA as well though which makes them one of ILGMs biggest competitors. Read our full review of Crop King Seeds.

ILGM reviews
MSNL review - High Yield Strains verdict

High Yield Strains Verdict: Are ILGM seed bank any good?

Our ILGM review covers everything you should need to know about the brand. They are a great seed bank if you live in the US, however customers outside of the states are unable to order right now due to their delivery restrictions. We hope that ILGM finds a way to deliver to the rest of the world soon because they are one of the best online seed banks. The regular discounts and promotions they offer, as well as the constant 10% discount for paying with Bitcoin is a big selling point for anyone wanting to buy in large quantities.

Customers will have full peace of mind with ILGM’s shipping and germination assurances. Knowing that your package will arrive and that your seeds will sprout removes a lot of the risk associated with purchasing cannabis seeds online.

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