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9 / 10
9 / 10

ILGM discounts and promotions

If you like a bargain then ILGM is a fantastic place to you your cannabis seeds with regular BOGOF deals on their most popular strains. ILGM have also given us some great coupon codes to help you save a few more bucks off your order.

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$10 off cannabis seeds with this ILGM promo code.

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$5 off seeds with this ILGM promo code.

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Buy one get one free on feminised seeds at ILGM seedbank.

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10% off orders at ILGM seedbank for all customers paying with Bitcoin.

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ILGM review - about the brand

I Love Growing Marijuana, or ILGM has been in operation since 2012. They have grown quickly to become one of the most well-known seed banks in the world, and we think it’s for a good reason! Because of the high-quality strains they offer, their relentless offers, their free online growing guide.

ILGM is headquartered in the Netherlands and is headed by Robert Bergman, a highly trained experienced marijuana enthusiast with over ten years of experience cultivating and growing cannabis strains. They have low prices, high-quality genetics, and ship to a wide range of countries. Whatever your taste, this trustworthy supplier of marijuana seeds will provide you with something of your liking.

ILGM seeds review

ILGM stocks around 150 different types of cannabis strain, they do not stock any regular seeds however, so if you are looking to breed cannabis other seed banks such as MSNL, Crop King and 420 Seeds stare better.

ILoveGrowingMarijuana have a great stock range, you will find most of the old school genetics such as White Widow, Northern Lights and G13, as well as newer varieties of West Coast genetics such as Girl Scout Cookies Extreme and Zkittlez. Out of all of the online seed banks we have tried, ILGM has one of the best high CBD strain ranges, even stocking some of the harder-to-find strains such as Harlequin and CBD Kush, making them a great seed bank if you are in the CBD industry or you are looking to self-medicate.


As well as cannabis seeds ILGM stock a range of nutrients and fertilizers and a CBD spray made from their own genetics.

Mix Packs

ILGM seed bank have an unbeatable range of mix packs that offer a selection of strains at a discounted price. Mix packs such as the Sweet Mix, Autoflower Super Mix and Heavy Hitters Mix are great for new growers who are not sure which strain to choose because it gives you a variety to try.

ILGM product quality

At ILGM seed bank has strict quality control measures and batch tests its stock to ensure it meets the highest standards. Every seed is carefully examined to determine whether it meets the criteria so you can be confident of good germination rates.

Every strain has been hand-picked by a team of professional breeders. ILGM also has a fantastic facility where seeds are store in commercial refrigerators to keep them fresh. 

The germination assurance is one of ILGM’s defining features. If the seeds don’t sprout, you’ll get your money back! Money-back germination guarantee is not offered by any seed bank; in reality, most seed banks expressly say that they do not have any warranties at all.

Their germination promise is further enhanced by the fact that they appeal directly to new growers. It also goes to show how supportive they are in their seed genetics as well as the nature of their instructional materials–they believe that everyone will succeed! They are not only certain, but they are betting money on it.

Girl Scout Cookies Extreme Feminized

Germination – 10/10

Stability – We were very impressed when all of 10 of the Girl Scout Cookies Extreme Germinated. We went onto grow them with a full crop of beautiful and stable genetics, all 10 of the plants yielded a good amount of bud and grow exceptionally well.

Smoke – The smoke was very pleasant and relaxing with slight sativa buzz, make sure you have some water to hand because it gives you severe dry mouth. 

Harlequin Feminized

Germination – 8/10

Stability – Our 8 seedlings grew very well into big yielding plants. 7 of them had sativa dominance with 1 slightly smaller showing more Indica traits.

Smoke – Harlequin is a high CBD strain so the effect felt when smoked was different to most other strains and gives you a more relaxed feel. An ideal strain to smoke before you go to bed to set you off on a long sleep.

Purple Kush Auto

Germination – 9/10

Stability – All 9 of our seeds grew well and were covered in purple buds within 75 days from seed. The plants all grew uniformly to about 60cm tall with a thick foliage.

Smoke – Being an autoflower we did not expect Purple Kush Auto to be as strong as it was. Upon smoking Purple Kush you will feel very calm and relaxed thanks to its Indica dominance.

Reputation and customer service

Bringing with him his 25 years of growing experience, Robert Bergman handpicked a selection of the finest genetics when he founded ILGM seed bank and the quality shows through their produce.

ILGM seed bank offers unbeatable seed consistency, as well as a money-back guarantee if your seed fails to germinate or grow. When you purchase from ILGM, you are covered every step of the way by delivery and germination guarantees.

The customer service at ILGM seed bank is second to none. With a comprehensive and easy to use FAQ section, a growing guide and on hand customer service team, you should have every confidence that you are in safe hands with ILoveGrowingMarijuana seed bank.

Payment methods

ILGM accepts a variety of payment types, including bank deposit, bank transfer, credit cards, bitcoin, currency, and checks. They’ll walk you through the process step by step, regardless of which payment method you use. For its anonymity, Bitcoin is strongly recommended, and the business even gives a 10% discount on this method of payment.

USA bank wires

If you live in the United States, you can send money directly to their American bank account which makes it incredibly cheap and easy to pay them via bank wire compared with other online seed banks.

ILGM policy on shipping and delivery

ILoveGrowingMarijuana is a fantastic online seed bank. They have unrestricted, super-fast shipping to the United States and the European Union (4 days on average) Customer service at ILGM is excellent, and they provide an exclusive 100% germination guarantee. Their seeds, on the other hand, are a little expensive, although they don’t currently ship to Canada, Australia or the United Kingdom.

Out of every seed ILGM has one of the best shipping policies and delivery promises. If you don’t receive your seeds, the ILoveGrowingMarijuana team guarantees that you will receive a replacement at no cost. 

ILGM not only guarantees that you can get your shipment, but they also provide lightning-fast worldwide delivery. Even though the ILGM headquarters are in Amsterdam, they are able to ship to the United States in just four days! They have the best shipping strategy and overall shipping experience of any seed bank, in our opinion.

ILGM reviews: deals and coupon codes

ILGM Review

ILGM regularly have fantastic promotions on selected strains such as buy 10 get 10 free and they have also given us a $10 discount code to use on any orders.


$10 OFF



$10 off cannabis seeds with this ILGM promo code.

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TIP – Want to get money off your cannabis seed order? Visit our DISCOUNT CODES page for exclusive cannabis coupon codes and special offers that could save you up to 40% off the price of your order.

Final words

Our ILGM review covers everything you should need to know about the brand. They are a great seed bank if you live in the US, however customers outside of the states are unable to order right now due to their delivery restrictions. We hope that ILGM finds a way to deliver to the rest of the world soon because they are one of the best online seed banks. The regular discounts and promotions they offer, as well as the constant 10% discount for paying with Bitcoin is a big selling point for anyone wanting to buy in large quantities.

Customers will have full peace of mind with ILGM’s shipping and germination assurances. Knowing that your package will arrive and that your seeds will sprout removes a lot of the risk associated with purchasing cannabis seeds online.

ILGM review: Top 3 strains

Girl Scout Cookies Extreme

Girl Scouts Extreme is a Durban Poison and OG Kush hybrid with a strong indica dominance. This is a strain that originated in California. This strain is ideal for the evening because it provides euphoria and relief. It has an earthy, sweet flavor and aroma.

It also has healing properties, assisting in fatigue, discomfort, and appetite loss. This feminized plant is easy to grow, pest, and disease resistant. Girl Scout Cookies Extreme is a great alternative for new growers because it doesn’t take special attention.

Recommended Retailer: ILGM

Gold Leaf

This is a strain that Robert Bergman of ILGM cultivated and enjoys! He bred it to be easy to cultivate, grow into tall, bud-covered plants, flower in a reasonable amount of time, and achieve high yields. It’s an indica-dominant strain with a distinct and pungent scent that you’ll soon fall in love with. Gold Leaf seeds produce strong buds that you’ll enjoy growing both indoors and out.

Recommended Retailer: ILGM

Skywalker OG

Are you looking for a relaxing vape with a mellow high that can appeal to both novice and experienced smokers? Skywalker OG seeds are going to be a hit for you! This is an indica-dominant combination with only enough sativa to have a full-body experience without being overpowering.

Recommended Retailer: ILGM

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