Written by experts with over 20 years worth of experience growing marijuana, our comprehensive guide on how to grow weed will transform you from a novice to a green fingered expert in a matter of weeks.

Everything you need to start your first grow, from grow lights to plant pots we’ve got it covered.

Cannabis grow lights explained

Compare grow lights

Grow tent Vs Grow room

Cannabis nutrients explained

What are the best plant pots to grow cannabis in?

There are a few things you should learn before you even plant a seed. This first section is for beginners. In this section you’ll learn everything that is important to know before you start growing.

Understanding the different types of weed strains

How to germinate marijuana seed

Speed up weed seed germination by scarifying

How to water marijuana plants correctly

The best types of marijuana growing medium

‘While you grow’ covers everything you need to know once you have successfully germinated your cannabis seeds. From training techniques such as LST and SOG to controlling the climate of your grow room.

Training your marijuana plants

Growing marijuana during the vegetative stage

The cannabis flowering stage week-by-week

Hydroponics growing explained

How to flush marijuana plants

How to harvest marijuana in 10 simple steps

How to cure marijuana

How to control your grow room climate

Once you have learnt the basics of growing marijuana its time to uncover the tricks of the trade that will allow you to produce huge yields.

How to increase yields with marijuana

How to grow autoflowers like a pro

How to maximise autoflower yields

How to lollipop marijuana plants

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