How much weed is in a blunt

You’ve may have smoked countless blunts but have you ever wondered exactly how much weed is in a blunt? And how much THC is in that weed? Well, the average blunt typically contains around one gram of marijuana, but it can vary based on personal preference. In this article, we’ll explore the anatomy of a blunt, breaking down its components and the various sizes and types available. 

We’ll also discuss the different strains of marijuana and how the choice of strain can impact the amount of weed one might choose to roll in a blunt and how this affects the amount of THC you consume.

What is the best amount of weed for a blunt?

When you roll a blunt, the typical amount of weed is you will put in it is around 1-2 grams. However, this can vary based on the size of the rolling paper. The bigger the rolling paper the more weed you will pack into the blunt for a snug fit. We’ve tested this and when using large rolling papers you can in some cases pack up to two grams of weed in a single blunt. So, there really is no ‘best amount’ its down to the size of the rolling paper and your preference, do you want to get high, or really high?

Consider the Size of the Blunt

The size of the rolling paper you choose will significantly impact how much weed you can, or should, include. Larger blunts require more weed to pack down tightly and fill the blunt properly. A snug fit ensures an even burn.

Balancing Flavor and Burn

Finally, achieving the right balance between the flavor of the wrap and the burn rate is essential. Too much weed might result in a harsher taste and a faster burn, while too little may lead to an uneven burn and diminished flavor.

What is the difference between a blunt and a joint?

There is more than one way to roll up weed, most people have heard about or smoked both blunts and joints, but what is the difference between the two?

Composition and Appearance

A blunt is much larger and is rolled using the tobacco leaf wrapper from a cigar, giving it a distinct, darker color, a fatter shape and when smoked it has more of a tobacco flavor. Joints on the other hand are normally rolled with very thin white or translucent rolling papers made from a variety of materials, including rice, hemp, or wood pulp. These rolling papers contain no tobacco and have no taste.

Size and Weed Quantity

Blunts papers are made to hold cigars so they are larger and generally hold more weed, typically around 1-2 grams of per blunt. Joints, being smaller, usually contain between 0.3 to 1 gram of weed for a very large joint, however, the amount will vary based on the size of the joint. You can make much larger joints by sticking multiple rolling together, in which case there is almost no limit to size, with the largest joint ever containing 1000 grams of weed!

Flavor and Experience

The tobacco leaf wrapper of a blunt gives it a distinct, sweet, cigar-like flavor and the nicotine in it combines with the effect of the THC, altering the high. Joints, on the other hand, offer a purer cannabis taste and experience, allowing you to taste the weed a little more.

Burn Rate

Blunts tend to burn slower than joints due to the thickness of the tobacco leaf, providing a longer-lasting smoking session. Joints, with their thinner paper, have a faster burn rate, making for a shorter, more intense session.

How potent are blunts?

When comparing the potency of blunts and joints, several factors come into play, including the amount and strain of weed used, and the presence of tobacco in blunts. So, roughly how much THC is in a blunt?

Amount and Strain of Weed

Blunts typically hold more weed than joints, often around one to two grams, so overall they will contain more THC. The strain of marijuana that you use will also significantly impact the potency. With the average sized joint containing 0.32 grams of weed, a 1-2 gram blunt will contain around three to six times the amount of weed and therefore THC than your average joint.

Combined Effects of THC and Nicotine

Blunts, wrapped in tobacco leaves, offer a combined effect of THC and nicotine. This combination can intensify the overall experience, making blunts seem more potent compared to joints, which only deliver the effects of THC.

THC Per Hit

The amount of THC in a blunt hit can vary widely, depending on the strain and amount of weed used. On average, a user might consume about 2mg of THC per hit from a blunt, but this is a rough estimate and actual amounts can be higher or lower. This would equate to the average blunt containing 200-400mg of THC.

Can you make a blunt with 1 gram of weed?

Absolutely, one gram of weed is generally the standard amount for rolling a blunt, making it a practical quantity for a well-balanced smoking experience. Here’s a brief guide on how to go about it.

Choosing the Right Wrap

Start by selecting a suitable wrap, like a tobacco leaf or a blunt wrap, which is larger and sturdier compared to joint papers. This will comfortably hold one gram of weed, allowing for an even burn and a smooth draw.

Grinding the Weed

Grind your chosen strain of weed to a medium-coarse consistency. This ensures an even burn and helps in packing the blunt efficiently, maximizing the amount of weed it can hold.

Rolling the Blunt

When rolling, distribute the one gram of weed evenly along the wrap, ensuring it’s uniformly packed from end to end. This uniformity is crucial for preventing runs and ensuring a consistent smoking experience.

Sealing and Enjoying

After rolling, seal the blunt securely and ensure there are no loose ends or tears in the wrap. Once sealed, your one-gram blunt is ready to be enjoyed.

How many blunts is 14 grams of weed?

Calculating the number of blunts from 14 grams of weed is straightforward. Given that a standard blunt typically contains about one gram of weed, 14 grams would yield approximately 14 blunts. However, this can vary based on individual preferences and blunt sizes.

How many blunts in an 8th of weed?

An eighth of weed, equivalent to 3.5 grams, is a common quantity purchased by cannabis consumers. When considering the standard amount of approximately one gram of weed per blunt, an eighth would typically make three blunts with a little leftover.

How many blunts is a 3.5?

A 3.5, or an eighth of an ounce of weed, typically equates to about 3.5 grams of cannabis. Given the standard practice of using approximately one gram of weed per blunt, a 3.5 would generally yield three blunts with a small amount of weed remaining.

How many blunts in an oz?

An ounce (oz) of weed, equivalent to approximately 28 grams, is a substantial amount of cannabis. Given the guideline of using around one gram of weed per blunt, you could theoretically roll about 28 blunts from an ounce of weed.

How many blunts in a quarter?

A quarter, equating to a quarter of an ounce or approximately 7 grams of cannabis, is a common quantity for regular cannabis users. Given the norm of using about one gram of weed per blunt, a quarter would typically allow for the rolling of seven blunts.

How many blunts can you roll with a dub?

A “dub” is slang for twenty dollars worth of weed. The amount of weed you get for a dub can vary based on regional prices and the strain’s quality, but it generally equates to around 1 to 2 grams of cannabis. Given this amount, you could typically roll one to two blunts with a dub.

How many blunts can you roll with a dime?

A “dime” in cannabis parlance typically refers to ten dollars worth of weed. The amount of weed one can acquire for a dime varies depending on regional prices and strain quality, but it usually represents around 0.5 to 1 gram of cannabis. Given this quantity, you could generally roll one small blunt with a dime.


Hopefull this guide gives you a better idea of how much weed you need to make the perfect blunt and just how high a blunt will get you. Remember, the potency of your chosen strain and your rolling style are key! Enjoyed the read? Found it enlightening? Don’t forget to like and share this article!

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