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It happens to most regular smokers at some point, gradually our tolerance levels increase and suddenly that weed that used to give you the munchies, giggles and knock you for six, just no longer does it for you anymore. 

But we carry on smoking it out of habit. Sometimes it can be a good thing that you can be more active and function more effectively when high. But if you just want to experience that ‘newbie high’ again and feel that first hit on a bong once more, there are lots of methods you can use to elevate your high and take it up a notch.

6 guaranteed methods to get you even higher

Try smoking a different cannabis strain

In cannabis it is the cannabinoids and terpenes that create the highs that we experience. Every strain contains different levels of cannabinoids and terpenes, and our bodies quickly adapt by increasing our tolerance levels. It may sound like an obvious answer, but if you have been smoking the same weed for years, change it up a bit and try smoking something stronger.

Alternatively try growing your own, according to High Times strains such as Godfather OG produce up to 34% THC, which makes it possibly the most potent strain ever produced. With several cannabis seed banks now selling the seeds of these top shelf strains there has never been a better time to grow at home.

Consume your cannabis another way

If day in day out you use the same method of consuming your bud, try something different for a change. Each method of consuming cannabis allows our bodies to absorb varying amounts of those all-important cannabinoids. So instead of smoking a joint try something new.

Blunts – If you still blend tobacco with your weed, try smoking a blunt instead. By reducing the amount of tobacco and increasing the amount of weed blunts increase the amount of THC absorbed each hit creating a more intense faster acting high. 

Vaporizers – Joints and even blunts aren’t the healthiest way to smoke cannabis, if you haven’t already got one, invest in a vaporizer. These devices have come a long way in the last 20 years and are able to heat your bud to the perfect temperature for you to inhale. This is good for a number of reasons. Firstly, it creates a much smoother, tastier smoke and you inhale less carbon dioxide making it healthier. Secondly because vaporizers burn your bud at a lower temperature more of the psychoactive compounds in your weed are preserved resulting in a more intense high.

Bongs – There are various types of bongs including bubble and gravity all with a similar concept. You can pack the bowl of a bong with a large amount of weed, light it up and get a huge hit of THC. Because the smoke is then filtered through water or ice it is smoother and healthier to inhale. Much cheaper than using a vaporizer, you can purchase bongs at your local head shop for as little as ten bucks. 

Edibles – Although they take longer to make and involve a lot of preparation edibles, are by far the healthiest and tastiest way to consume cannabis. Edibles are also capable of producing incredibly intense and long-lasting highs. Follow one of these cannabis edibles recipes for an easy way to make delicious edibles that will get you even higher.

Take a tolerance break from smoking weed

Everyone remembers the first time they smoked a joint, that fast-hitting head rush followed by fits of giggles and an intense high. Well, the single reason that our highs become less intense over time is because our bodies become used to the effects and build up a tolerance to the effects. Taking a break from smoking, sometimes called a tolerance break, allows your body’s tolerance levels to fade away resulting in stronger highs when you do eventually smoke again.

For frequent smokers, try taking a few weeks off, and then when you start again cut down to using cannabis just one or two days a week. That way your body will not build up a tolerance of the same level.

Use cannabis concentrates or extracts

Using concentrates or extracts is a great way to add potency to your smoke. You can use these on their own or you can even add them to your joint to give it a bit more of a kick. There are lots of different types of concentrates and extracts but if you have a high tolerance level and want to break through that wall, you will need the most potent ones.

What are the strongest cannabis concentrates?

Moon rocks 50% THC – Cannabis moon rocks are a potent product made by taking a whole cannabis bud, coating it in sticky hash oil, and then rolling it in kief (the resinous trichomes of cannabis). This multi-layered product significantly increases the THC content, making it one of the most potent cannabis products available. When consumed, the combination of these elements delivers an intensified high, due to the synergistic effects of the bud, oil, and kief.

Live Resin 50 – 70% THC – Live resin is produced by flash freezing marijuana plants directly after they have been harvested. This locks in all the compounds and terpenes before they have begun to deteriorate resulting in highly potent and flavor filled extracts. Reaching levels of 50% to 70% THC live resin is a great way to add some oomph to your joint.

Shatter 60% – 80% THC – Shatter got the name from its texture; it is thin and glass like and easily breaks into shards. It can be made at home and is a form of butane hash oil (BHO) which is basically an extraction of THC and any cannabinoids found within weed. The brilliance of shatter is that it can be consumed by adding it to a joint, vaporizer or bong.

Rosin 75% – 85% THC – Rosin is another extract that is a concentrate of the compounds and terpenes found in cannabis. Unlike shatter it is a solvent free extract, which means that alcohol or oil is not used to extract it. Instead, it is made by putting the plant under intense pressure and heating it. Rosin is the liquid that is squeezed out of the bud during this process.

THC Diamonds 70% – 99.9% THC – Another form of cannabis concentrate that you can either smoke, dab or vape. THC Diamonds are solid chunks of THCA that form under pressure using a cold extraction method. These concentrates can be up to 99.9% THC and so are the most potent concentrates you can get. 

Cannabis distillate 70% – 99% – A concentrated cannabis oil that is produced by separating THC from other compounds, distillates along with THC diamonds are the most potent concentrates. They are most commonly found in vape cartridges, distillates can be up to 99% THC. Although due to the distilling process which separates THC from everything else including terpenes, distillates have very little flavor. 

Use a good quality grinder

Ever noticed how sticky your fingertips become if you crumble your bud into your joint by hand? That’s because all the THC filled trichomes are getting stuck to your fingers instead of the inside of your joint. 

Using a high-quality grinder that has a dust catcher at the bottom of it allows you to grind your bud up and catch any of that powdery substance called kief to sprinkle on top of your joint. 

Grinding your weed properly also allows you to get a finer end product which helps you pack it into your joint or bowl tighter. This creates a better burn and means you can get more THC in each hit.

Cannabis grinder
A good cannabis grinder can help you get higher when smoking weed

Drink alcohol and smoke weed

If you’re sitting at home right now and you want to kick your high up a notch without waiting to go out and purchase yourself some extracts or a vaporizer there may be something in your house you can use…. Alcohol. 

According to Healthline alcohol with weed can help your body absorb THC resulting in a more intense high. Don’t over do it with this however, as mixing alcohol with weed is also the most common cause of greening out.

How should I boost my highs?

These are the main methods that we would suggest using to boost your highs. Of course, there are other methods you may have heard of, such as eating mangos, smoking after a gym session, or holding your breath. Although these really have no actual science backing them and I assume you may not fancy doing a workout every time you want to hit the bong and relax. 

If you enjoyed this article, share it online and feel free to leave any comments below if you want to share any of your own tips on how to get higher.

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