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This beautiful vibrant coloured plant is arguably the most well known purple marijuana strain in the world. Read our exclusive guide on what makes it such a popular strain and where to buy the best quality Grand Daddy Purple seeds online.

The best places to buy Grand Daddy Purple seeds online

Granddaddy Purple Feminized Seeds For Sale
  • THC: 19 – 22%
  • Yields: 400 – 500 g/sm
  • Flowering: 10 – 12 weeks
  • Height: 100 – 180 cm
  • CBD: <1%
  • Effect: Euphoric, sleepy
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The history behind the Grand Daddy Purple strain

Grand Daddy Purple often referred to as GDP or Grand Daddy Purps is an indica dominant cross of Afghan, Mendo Purps and Skunk that was originally cultivated in Northern California. The strain was introduced to the Californian medical marijuana scene in the early 2000’s by a man named Ken Estes.

Ken Estes was sadly paralyzed from the waist down after a motorcycle accident and this led to him becoming one of the most prominent cannabis activists in the industry. Ken frequently used Grand Daddy Purple as his pain medication and claims that the strain helped him through what was a difficult time.

The strain went on to dominate the medical marijuana industry thanks to its many medical uses and efforts were made over the following years to take the strain worldwide.

Jump forward to 2021 and Granddaddy Purple is now one of the most popular marijuana strains, and not just in the medical marijuana industry. The strain is now stocked in most of the world’s top cannabis dispensaries, Grand Daddy Purple is fast becoming a household name for both cannabis enthusiasts and medical users.

Famed for its incredibly vibrant purple appearance, it’s hard hitting indica highs and its ability to help induce sleep, Grand Daddy Purple is a marijuana strain that is used by everyone from seasoned stoners to medical users. 

Grand Daddy Purple strain awards

  • 1st Place at the 2015 High Times Cannabis Cup (Denver)
  • 1st Place at the 2004 Medical Marijuana Cup
  • 1st Place at the 2004, 2005 and 2006 Green Cup

What makes Grand Daddy Purple so special?


Having been long regarded as the best looking marijuana strain on the planet, It is the vibrant purple hues that set Grand Daddy Purple a grade above the rest. The plant grows into a typical indica shape with a dense foliage and giant colas, clustered with solid trichome covered buds.

Taste and smell

Grand Daddy Purple has a mild smell with a big taste. I have found when growing this strain that during flowering the smell isn’t as overpowering as some other strains. However the taste is second to none. 

When you break open one of these beautiful purple nuggets you will smell notes of citrus and sweet grapes. On the first inhale you will get hints of tangy grapes and berries that gradually melts into a soft candy floss like sweetness.

Grand Daddy Purple strain effects

Grand Daddy Purple is well renowned as one of the best indica strains for sleep inducing, which means that the strain is more suited for night time use. Smoke Grand Daddy Purple before going to bed and you will experience a feeling of euphoria before slowly drifting off into a deep sleep.

The heavy indica body stone you will experience is great for anyone suffering from chronic pain, stress or anxiety. As you let the effects wash over your body you will feel weightless and without a care in the world.

Medical uses for Grand Daddy Purple purple

Grand Daddy Purple was originally created by Ken Estes as a medical strain and since its production it has widely been recognised as one of the best marijuana strains for a number of ailments. 

Insomnia – The heavy indica high you will experience from this strain is perfect for anyone suffering from insomnia or similar sleep disorders.

Pain relief – Grand Daddy Purple is a hard hitting indica with a full body stone ideal for pain management and muscle aches.

Appetite inducing – Thanks to its high THC levels Grand Daddy Purple is well known for leaving users with a case of the munchies which is great for anyone suffering with appetite loss.

Stress and anxiety – The high from Grand Daddy Purple flows over your body like a wave of euphoria. It is a great strain for anyone suffering with depression, stress or anxiety to relieve the pressures of life.

How to grow Grand Daddy Purple seeds

Grand Daddy Purple is a strain that I believe all marijuana enthusiasts should try. Using past data on the strain and my own experience growing it here is a short guide on how to grow your GDP Seeds.

What medium should you use?

Grand Daddy purple is a relatively versatile strain that will grow well in both hydro and soil. 

Pay careful attention to the nutrients you are giving your Grand Daddy Purple plant and make sure you are giving the right amounts of Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium.

Ideal growing environment

Grand Daddy Purple genetics means that it is a versatile strain that can grow in colder climates, however the strain will also thrive in the warmer climates of California.

Grand Daddy Purple traditionally would be used to growing in mountainous regions. The ideal temperature should be 65 – 75 Fahrenheit during the vegetative stage and then dropping down to around 55 – 65 Fahrenheit during flowering.

Humidity levels

Grand Daddy Purple should be grown in warm but dry conditions. Dry environments will massively reduce the risk of mold or bud rot occurring.

Recommended relative humidity levels by stage:

  • Seedling: 65-70%
  • Vegetative: 40 – 70%
  • Flowering: 40-50%
  • Late flowering: 30-40%

Training Grand Daddy Purple

At we are all about getting the most out of your plants. Grand Daddy Purple is a versatile indica and this makes it ideal for some high stress training methods such as super cropping and mainlining.

Although these techniques can be risky, if you want to really get the most out of your plant and boost bud production to its fullest, Super Cropping can work really well with GDP.

If you are not 100% confident using high stress training techniques try using the Screen of Green technique. With the Screen of Green method of growing the technique is less intrusive on the plant and there is much less risk, yet you can still achieve impressive yields.

Other Grand Daddy Purple strains

As with any high end strain, Grand Daddy Purple seeds are now sold all over the world with plenty of weird and wonderful crosses and versions of the strain produced.

Here are our top versions of the Grand Daddy Purple strain.

Grand Daddy Purple Autoflower

grand daddy purple autoflower seeds

Grand Daddy Purple Autoflower seeds are a potent indica dominant autoflowering version of the well known strain. 

Flowering in as little as 8 weeks and producing up to 300grams per square meter, Grand Daddy Purple Autoflower seeds are a great strain for anyone growing with limited space or wanting quick results.

Ranging from 14 – 22% THC the autoflowering version still packs quite a punch considering its an autoflower. Two online seed banks that sell Grand Daddy Purple Autoflower seeds are MSNL and ILGM.

Granddaddy Banner

Grandaddy banner

With THC percentages of over 25% this strain is not for the faint hearted. Granddaddy Banner is a cross of the incredibly potent Bruce Banner and Granddaddy Purple creating a higher THC version of the popular strain.

This strain really packs a punch and has been lab recorded at 28% THC. Smoking Granddaddy Banner will give users a feeling of utter euphoria eventually leading into a relaxed sedation.

Grandpa Larry

Skywalker OG Feminized

Fans of Kush strains will really like this cross of Granddaddy Purple with the legendary Larry OG Kush produce by The Original Grand Daddy Purp.

Although only available in a regular version this genetic cross is easily the best Grand Daddy Purple Kush strain out there. An ideal strain for anyone self medicating for pain relief.

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