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Herbs grown from Gelato Autoflower seeds are one of the best high yield strains. Much like its original version, Gelato Autoflower is a sought after marijuana strain that offers a very relaxing experience for users. Expect nothing less from a successor to the legendary Girl Scout Cookies.

An irresistible flavor bomb with an intense kick, Gelato auto strain lays a strong claim to being the cannabis that is all things to all people.  It is perfect as an afternoon toke or late-night smoke because it will make you feel relaxed and focused. Gelato auto has delicious citrus and fruity flavor and is perfect for first time growers.

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Overview of Gelato Autoflower seeds

What are Gelato Autoflower seeds?

Before autoflowering plants, the weed growing world looked a lot different.

The only available species were indica and sativa. Although the two are very different, they shared one important trait: they would start growing in spring and wouldn’t flower until the days are shorter in fall. When grown inside, they would only flower when the lights were off for about 12 hours a day, so growers had to adapt.

However, in the ‘80s, a new species from Siberia were introduced.  This distant weed relative was known as Ruderalis. The amount of light didn’t matter to these plants, they were starting to flower in about eight weeks. When ruderalis plants were bred to indica or sativa plants, the resulting strains would flower automatically.

From there, autoflowering plants were born.

Nowadays, many popular strains are available as autoflowers.  The plants are generally smaller, but they’re ready to harvest quickly and simple to grow. Autoflower plants are great for getting multiple harvests a year, growing in a small space, or as a first strain for new growers.

Developed in San Francisco, Gelato is a cross between two of the tastiest strains ever made, Sunset Sherbet and the Thin Mint cut of Girl Scout Cookies. This has created a true 50/50 hybrid which, while having next to no CBD content, is suitable for medical as well as recreational purposes.

Plants grown from Gelato Autoflower seeds have great potency with high THC levels.


Intensity is the word when talking about Gelato high, with moderation recommended even for those with a high tolerance. One should not underestimate this strain for its effects. New smokers are advised to proceed with caution.

Made specifically to be enjoyed in the afternoon or late in the evening for some quiet time, this strain knocks out any who dare to smoke this weed outside its normal dosage. One toke too far can leave new users couch-locked for the evening.

Hitting you almost before the first toke is even done, an electric cerebral rush races through the mind, delivering an energetic buzz which soon transforms into euphoria and then a deep calm. The body will feel the benefits too, as the muscles fall into a state of deep relaxation and the mind is freed from having to dwell on any aches or pains, leaving a feeling of total weightlessness.

Due to its enormous 27% THC content, this strain is perfect for those who enjoy a long-lasting high. It requires very little bud to experience its strong effects. It would be a good idea to keep water nearby, just to make sure you avoid uncomfortable cases of dry mouth. Too much of this strain can lead to dizziness, paranoia, and anxiety.

Taste, smell and appearance

Gelato auto strain is pure organic flavor packed from floor to ceiling; it is a pure crowd pleaser. You start off sweet, pick up a few mint notes, which soon give way to prominent notes of sharp citrus, pepper and forest berries and end with a long-lasting clean high note deep in your cheeks. You will realize why people keep coming back smoke after smoke!

The smell is sudden and immediate and calls to mind GSC, Thin Mint, and more. Once lit you’ll pick up notes of sugar, sweetness, and an undernote heavily filled with cream and pine.

Plants grown from Gelato seeds are characterized by their gorgeous emerald green leaves and the plethora of fluffy buds that hide among them. The light green body of the buds is accented by rich purple highlights and glowing orange pistils, with the large amount of trichrome making it look as though the whole plant has been dusted in sugar.


Is Gelato Autoflower seeds easy to grow?

Whilst Gelato feminized seeds are not easy to grow, Gelato Autoflower seeds are relatively easy to grow, like most autoflowering strains. Gelato auto strain produces small, well-balanced indica/sativa hybrids that stay compact and bushy. It’s the perfect choice for a shorter growing space.

While it can thrive both indoors and outdoors, growers must use the right techniques. Monitoring the process is essential. In an indoor setup, using a grow tent is the ideal method as it is easier to monitor, and adjusting the temperature and condition of the setup is possible.

Flowering & Yield

Like all autoflowering plants, Gelato auto strains are ready to harvest in just eight weeks. Gelato Autoflower yields range from 150 to 500 g/sm. You can also plant outdoors and get similar results.

Growing conditions

Gelato auto strain can be grown indoors or out with relative ease. The strain does appreciate some humidity, so steamy outdoor climates are best.

Feeding Gelato Plants

We recommend giving your plants:


You can find more help, ideas and tips from our growing guide.

Medical benefits

Gelato auto strain’s anti- inflammatory properties are also well-received by many medical marijuana users. If you are looking for relief from stress, physical or emotional, chronic pain, or depression, you’ll love Gelato. It’s high THC and instant euphoria combats even the roughest of symptoms.

If you are plagued with insomnia or struggle with nausea, this will tackle it without issue leaving you sleeping well and filled with food from massive munchies!

Our verdict on Gelato Autoflower seeds

If you are a marijuana veteran burdened by a high tolerance looking for an easy smoke that hits hard every time, you are going to love Gelato.

This strain have quickly became a fan favorite amongst long time smokers-and for good reason! Even smokers with the highest tolerances start to feel it after a few minutes.

Buy Gelato seeds auto

How do you get gelato seeds auto? – Gelato Autoflower seeds are popular and therefore available from many seedbanks. But for better chance of success, do buy only from reputable vendors, we provide a number of links above.

Seeds are sold in packs of 5, 10, 50 or 100. The more you buy the bigger the discount. And don’t forget the promo codes!

Additional information

Seed type


THC content

> 25%


500 -600 g/sm

Flowering time

8 – 10 weeks


Medium: 100 – 180 cm

Strain type

Indica / Sativa


< 1%




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