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G13 Haze Seeds For Sale
  • THC: 22 – 25%
  • Yields: 500 – 600 g/sm
  • Flowering: 12 – 14 weeks
  • Height: 180 – 220 cm
  • CBD: <1%
  • Uplifting, energetic
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An overview of G13 Haze

In the 19th century, cannabis production was more of a hobby than a business. Growers would often use clippings of plants that they had grown from seed in personal gardens or trade cuttings with friends. A top-shelf strain could be cultivated with a little more determination, but anything exceeding an eighth of an ounce was extremely rare.

According to legend, the FBI and CIA created G13 Haze in the 1960s. These agencies combined cannabis strains to create a monster that was both potent and manageable.  G13 Haze became a prized variety in the 1970s after a staff member at the University of Mississippi stole a cutting and bred it. This advanced Sativa produces large, frosted buds heavy with THC.

Today, G13 Haze is a classic strain, prized for its unique combination of effects. For growers who appreciate the finer points, G13 Haze is a straightforward strain to grow. Its compact, bushy structure, short flowering time, and resistance to powdery mildew, spider mites, and mould make it an excellent choice for many indoor growers.

G13 Haze produces dense, heavy, resin-covered buds with a sweet, skunky flavor and an earthy fragrance. The high is energetic and stimulating, providing a nice boost to mood and energy. The effects are cerebral, energetic, and euphoric, with a comfortable, relaxed warmth that spreads throughout the body.

With its unique combination of Sativa and Indica genes, G13 Haze gives you a high that is simultaneously potent and uplifting. The energetic head-high not only makes you feel happy but also allows you to maintain a clear mind and be more alert than usual.

What makes G13 Haze so special?


G13 Haze is the result of mixing two highly potent strains, G13 and Haze, to create a strain that would enable medicinal marijuana users to grow their own medicine. Although it’s conflicting information about how it was made, it is said that the United States Federal Medical Marijuana Distribution Program may have created this strain in the 1970s. People involved in this program didn’t do a great job keeping it secret.


The buds of the G13 Haze strain glistens with power and beauty. The light green and orange hues that cover its nugs are an indication of its potency. This strain is known for producing large, dense colas with sticky trichomes. The distinct orange hairs on the buds will excite you with anticipation before you even smoke it.

This hybrid is a result of the finest breeding techniques, ensuring quality in potency and yield. A compact plant with heavy branches is a true female Haze strain that is easy to grow. The flowering time is around 12-14 weeks, and the plant grows into a very tall and skinny plant. So, this is the plant for experienced growers looking for an exciting challenge! Just keep her happy and feed her a lot.

Taste and smell

G13 Haze strain is unrivalled in terms of flavor and aroma. This well-known hybrid strain has a sweet, woody taste that never disappoints. It isn’t particularly intense or detectable, making it an excellent choice for individuals who prefer milder strains.

The G13 Haze strain hybrid offers a potent blend of traditional and new flavors. This classic strain is slightly floral but infused with a wonderfully rich haze, and it also has soft earthy overtones for an undeniably smooth high.

G13 Haze strain effects

G-13’s appeal, unlike everything else about it, is not a mystery. With the potential to cause full-body tingles and instantly induce bliss, it’s no surprise that it’s a cult favorite. The effects are long-lasting and tend to throw users into a profound trance, leaving you feeling heavy and disoriented, a stage that gradually fades into a difficult-to-break slumber.

Haze can provide you with a mood and mental boost as well as complete relief from chronic pain. This strain combines Indica and Sativa effects to generate a sensory overload that resets your body’s bliss cycle. This bud is ideal for therapeutic use since it alleviates depression, stress, and nausea. The hazy high will make you feel joyful and creative while relieving stress and tension.

G13 Haze Effects has a few drawbacks, however. This strain is known to cause dry eyes and mouth, so users should be sure to drink plenty of water. It is also known for some dizziness, so it may not be the best choice when driving.

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