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Plants grown from Forbidden Fruit seeds produce these gorgeous nugs; they stun in bag appeal to impress your buds and fellow growers, and captivate the senses with euphoric good feels, and soothing effects.

The Forbidden Fruit strain seeds hold nothing back as the latest, and greatest hybrid seeds that are winning over consumers across the globe. The indica dominant hybrid is highly potent with extraordinary THC levels of 25%+ and is chock-full of sweet, fruity flavors like your favorite candy or treat.

With that THC level , expect to experience a powerful indica blow, which can only be handled by seasoned smokers.

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Forbidden Fruit Seeds Overview

A cross of Cherry Pie x Tangie, the Forbidden Fruit strain is one that’ll get you baked with sweet, and delectable flavors. The fruity combination delivers the best of both worlds from each strain when it comes to aromas, vigorous growth, and reliable results. Soon to be a staple on your menu of varieties, the indica dominant hybrid hits you hard, and fast with potent effects that are uplifting cerebrally, and physically.

Ready in less than 10 weeks you’ll be ready to take a bite out of Forbidden Fruit and savor its sweet flavor, and favorable buzz.


The best sweet treats soothe your soul and take your mind off stress, and Forbidden Fruit weed is no different. The strain is highly acclaimed for a strong, and sedating high that uplifts moods, and relaxes the body and mind. Medically, consumers turn to the strain to relieve stress, pain, and anxiety. Not to mention, the hybrid is also ideal for those with a high tolerance due to its high levels of THC. Kick back, and relax and get ready for couch-locking effects that are highly likely with this variety.

Taste, smell and appearance

Nothing’s forbidden about the flavors of the buds grown from Forbidden Fruit seeds. You’ll keep coming back for more of this strain’s fruity, citrus, and sweet flavors that have undertones of invigorating pine with each exhale. You can expect nothing less than dynamic tastes, from this dynamic and satisfying strain. The dreamy buds taste of sweet and citrus fruits, that have a hint of refreshing pine.

Purple buds, and a pungent bakery-like aroma, what’s not to love? There’s nothing taboo about the pleasures of Forbidden Fruit’s captivating appearance, and overwhelmingly sweet scents.

As the strain flourishes, growers are treated to an eye-catching sight of gorgeous dark green nugs, with hints of purple and bright orange hairs.


A knock-out in potent effects, flavors, and growth, Forbidden Fruit seeds are quickly rising in popularity amongst home and commercial growers. The plant’s reach just medium heights of 100 cm – 180 cm (3-6 ft) making it ideal for indoor or outdoor environments. With a classic indica shape, the strain easily produces yields of 400 – 500 g/sm and is a stand-out with its appearance and unique palette of colors.

Plants grown from Forbidden Fruit seeds can benefit from Mediterranean or warm climates and should be timed for October outdoor harvests. As good as she looks and smells, you’ll be ready to harvest this stunning strain in just 8-10 weeks in ideal conditions.

Cultivators will not have a hard time growing this plant indoors and outdoors because of its medium size. However, the indoor setup is preferred. Although this plant is generally easy to grow, beginner cultivators might find it pretty challenging.

When grown indoors, the temperature and the humidity level must be monitored and kept at 20 to 22 degrees Celsius and under 65%, respectively. Using organic soil will have the best results. Expect an indoor harvest of about 400 – 450 g/sm and an outdoor harvest of about 500 g/sm per plant.

You can find more help, ideas and tips from our growing guide.

Medical benefits

As illegal as its name sounds, plants grown from Forbidden Fruit marijuana seeds actually has plenty of therapeutic benefits.

The heavy indica blow of this weed is beneficial for those who suffer from sleeping disorders, especially insomnia. Additionally, as smokers start to feel relaxed as the body gets relieved of tension, body pains and muscle spasms will be washed away, too.

Furthermore, the initial sativa buzz, which results in the boost of the mood, is effective against anxiety, depression, and PTSD.

Our verdict on Forbidden Fruit seeds

This is one ‘fruit’ you’ll want to have in season, year-round. The Forbidden Fruit cannabis wins when it comes to potency, appearance, flavors, and aromas for pleasurable pulls. You can’t go wrong with a cross of two classic fruity strains and this variety proves that time, and time again. For major bag appeal, a heavy body buzz and flavors that slay – Forbidden Fruit is a must try.

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Additional information

Seed type


THC content

> 25%


400 – 500 g/sm

Flowering time

8 – 10 weeks


Medium: 100 – 180 cm

Strain type

Indica dominant


< 1%




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