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Crop King seeds review - about the brand

It is critical for any marijuana grower to begin their journey with the highest quality seeds. While some growers rely on other growers for seed supplies, many others look for seeds online. For many people, seed banks are the most popular online destinations. Finding high-quality seeds can be challenging with too many seed banks online.

Crop King Seeds, based in Vancouver, Canada, is one of the most dependable seed banks. The seed bank is known for being one of the biggest seed dealers for a variety of breeders. The firm also has one of the biggest and most user-friendly websites, that adds to its popularity. Which is why at High Yield Strains we thought it was about time that we did a Crop King review to give you the low down on the seed bank.

Selection of strains

Crop King offers a huge range of feminized, autoflowering and regular cannabis seeds. With over 400 different varieties you will not be stuck for choice and can be sure that you will find something to your liking.

Crop Kings website doesn’t offer the same kind of filtering functions that are found on websites like MSNL or therefore it can be difficult to find what you are looking for among the myriad of strains. However they do have the best selection out there, particularly in the North American region. To save yourself some time do your research into what types of strain you are looking for here before you visit Crop King.

Crop Kings online shop stocks  some of the most potent seeds on the market such as Purple Kush, Dark Angel, White Cookies, Crown Royale and many more.

Crop King also stock some value packs such as the feminized mix pack and an auto flower feminized mix pack. If you are growing on a budget these two value packs provide the best bang for your buck.

One of the most frequent complaints about Crop King is that seeds are scarce; however, the good quality of the stock that is available makes up for this.

Product quality and reputation

Crop King have developed a string reputation in Canada and across the world as one of the best cannabis seedbanks in recent years. They have great customer service and have been rated at 4.1 on trust pilot with over 4000 reviews. 

Crop King breed and supply some of the strongest genetics in the cannabis industry. They don’t quite rival the likes of Sensi Seeds, however when you take price into consideration they are one of the more competetive brands out there.

With a range as big as Crop Kings you will find some real gems among their stock selection. Strains such as White Cookies, Alien OG and Black Gorilla which you will find difficult to locate elsewhere. 

Crop King also has an excellent selection of high CBD strains. With 37 to choose from they are a great breeder to find yourself a medical marijuana strain.

Payment methods

Crop King Seeds offers a range of payment options to its customers. This means that their buyers, regardless of their location, have easy access to their favourite strain all year round.

Crop King accepts MasterCard, Visa, cryptocurrency, bitcoin, and cash payments.

Crop King does not accept Western Union, American Express, and money order payments.

Policy on shipping and delivery

Customers from all over the world will order seeds from Crop Kings Seeds. The shipping specifications, on the other hand, are determined by your position. The seed bank charges $10 to deliver shipments by standard mail to customers in Canada and the United States. You will be charged $30 if you want express mail. Package monitoring is used in express mail.

If you live in Australia or New Zealand, you will only be given one choice for receiving your package via regular mail. This will set you back $10. Customers from other parts of the world have the option of getting their strains through regular mail. This, too, is $30 and includes the monitoring feature.

The cost of shipping the packages which seem high to others, but it is acceptable to others when each shipment is discrete and transparent. Customers in Canada receive their parcels in plain envelopes, while customers in other countries receive packages intended solely for their eyes.

Rolling the strains in marker pens, locking them inside flashlights, or tucking them away in other items that people won’t pry into are some of the most notable privacy packaging techniques used by the firm. Another privacy precaution taken by the seed bank to ensure that their clients have the finest treatment is that no logs of their payment transactions are kept.

Discounts and promotions

The one downside to Crop King Seeds is that they rarely have their marijuana seeds on sale for discounted prices, however if you time your purchases well you can find good deals around Black Friday or April 20th (420 cannabis day).


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Final words

They are a well-liked marijuana seed bank among customers. Their positive reputation is attributed to both their outstanding customer service and the high quality of their seeds. Another explanation for this is that the seeds come with a promise of germination.

Customers can also access any of the details they need via the seed bank’s website. Also inexperienced growers would find it easy to use the website. They also offer excellent shipping options, ensuring that their customers receive their seeds in good condition through discreet mailing.

Even though the seeds are expensive, the consistency of the strains outweighs the cost. The small selection of strains is also an asset since it allows the organization to properly engineer each strain. You can still go to the seed bank’s website for more detail on the various strains available.

Crop King Seeds: Top 3 strains


It just takes a small amount of Acapulco Gold to feel satisfied, euphoric, and revitalized. Minutes after their first inhale, most users report feeling uplifted.

Recommended Retailer: Crop King Seeds


If you’re watching your weight, we have a way for you to cheat on your diet without actually cheating – a taste of Birthday Cake Kush weed will curb your sweet tooth and leave you feeling relaxed and heavy, the best way to finish a nice meal and a good day.

Birthday Cake Kush is a hybrid that can have THC amounts ranging from 14 to 25 percent, so you’re essentially playing Russian Roulette when you plant these seeds.

Recommended Retailer: Crop King


White cookies feminized seeds are a modern weed variety that is a cross between two common strains: White Widow and Girl Scout Cookies. The marijuana is a hybrid of Cannabis Sativa and Indica strains that can be grown both outdoors and indoors. White cookies feminized seeds have a minty aroma and taste like chocolate mint with a hint of lemongrass and pepper when smoked.

Recommended Retailer: Crop King

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