Our team have scoured the web and tested dozens of weed lights to find the best out there for any sized grow. So whether you’re growing one plant or a farm we’ve got it covered with our grow lights comparison table.

the best cannabis grow lights compared

Cannabis grow lights don’t need to be complicated, but before you decide on what type of lights you want to use for your cannabis grow you should consider a few things.

How many plants you are going to grow?

When choosing your weed grow lights budget is a big deciding factor. Grow lights can range from as little as $30 all the way up to $1000 – $2000 If you are only planning a small grow of one or two plants, I wouldn’t worry about having the most powerful and expensive weed lights that money can buy. You may be better off with something like a small CFL or a small LED light such as the Sunraise light on our list.

How big is your grow space 

If you have a large area with lots of plants spread out then you will be better off having multiple powerful grow lights such as HID’s or LED’s. Whereas if your grow space is small, such as a stealth cupboard grow room then you are best off using CFL’s or small LED systems that don’t give off too much heat.

What is your budget?

If you are only testing the water and this is your first cannabis grow, you may want to start out cheap by using CFL lights. The CFL grow lights listed below can be picked up from amazon for as little as $17.50 per 105 watt bulb and will fit into most standard light fixtures. 

If you are a seasoned grower on the other hand and have experience using HPS lights then you may want to extend your budget to a more advanced LED lighting system. The initial cost is may seem high, however in the long run you will reap the benefits with smaller energy bills and bigger yields.

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