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This is a great addition to the line-up of fast flowering photoperiod with humongous yields. Bruce Banner Fast is a strain that promises power, potency and a plentiful supply of buds. And as the name suggests, it also flowers insanely quickly. A photoperiod with all the associated benefits, this strain is ready for harvest in just 6-8 weeks.

A wonderful indica-sativa mix, this strain boasts a beautiful combination of mood-elevating and sedative effects. Its quality and versatility make it equally suited to recreational and therapeutic use. And a complex flavor profile that blends earthy diesel notes with the taste of berry is pleasing on the palate. A reasonably easy grow that’s highly rewarding, Bruce Banner Fast is a strain that does everything well.

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Bruce Banner Fast Version was developed by breeding the original Bruce Banner with a very early finishing indica dominant hybrid. This was then back crossed with the Bruce Banner mother and stabilized.

Its illustrious parent is one of the most iconic strains of all time, winning the Most Potent Strain award at the 2013 High Times Cannabis Cup and being declared the most potent strain tested in the entire history of the competition. Among other awards, it was also ranked 9th on High Times’ list of The 25 Greatest Strains of All Time.

These award-winning genetics are apparent in every aspect of Bruce Banner Fast Version. Besides flowering around two-three weeks earlier, there’s very little to distinguish it from its prize-winning parent. A euphoric cerebral high with a distinct bodily buzz makes this one of the most enjoyable indica-dominant strains around.


Like its parent, Bruce Banner Fast Version is astronomically potent. THC levels start at around 25% and have been known to get as high as 32%. But this isn’t a strain that comes on heavy. Its buzz is energizing and emotionally elevating.

Despite its indica-dominance, Bruce Banner Fast produces an almost instant cerebral high that lifts the mood and inspires creativity. Its indica backbone means these heady effects combine gloriously with a soothing physical stone; a sense of total physical relaxation seeps in gradually, creating a happy and calm overall high. This is a strain with which you can still function well, though higher doses can induce couchlock.

Naturally, this complex and versatile buzz is well-suited to a huge range of therapeutic uses. Bruce Banner Fast Version is regularly used to treat mood disorders like anxiety, depression, stress and PTSD. Its anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties make it an effective treatment for chronic pain, arthritis and muscle spasms. And it’s regularly used to induce appetite and treat gastrointestinal disorders.

Taste, smell and appearance

When you handle buds of Bruce Banner Fast Version, you’ll be met first by the overwhelming aroma of diesel. Linger, and the scent becomes more earthy and floral. This fragrance carries through to the flavor, where it intensifies and sweetens. Notes of ginger and strawberry combine to provide a taste that’s sweet but not sickly. Diesel underscores the entire flavor profile, a fuel-like tang tickling the tastebuds and getting heavier as you exhale.

Bruce Banner Fast also produces attractive plants. Tall, spade-shaped buds are dense, colorful and huge. Deep, emerald-colored leaves contrast beautifully against buds so heavily coated in resin that they appear white. Fan leaves frequently exhibit dark purple hues with frosty, trichome-coated sugar leaves displaying deft, mint-colored tips.

Heavy trichome coverage gives plants a luscious sheen. And an abundance of long, copper-colored trichomes completes the look. This strain produces truly vibrant plants with immense visual appeal.

The pungent scent of diesel is prominent as plants move through the vegetation phase, developing more floral notes as they approach harvest time.


Bruce Banner Fast Version is another fast-flowering strain whose performance defies belief. It grows well indoors and outside, with plants growing tall and strong, reaching heights of around 100-180cm. But the headline figures are its flowering time and yields. Grown indoors, this strain will produce yields of approximately 400-500g/m2 in just 6-8 weeks. This is a high-yielding photoperiod that grows quicker than most autos.

If you do decide to grow it indoors, Bruce Banner Fast Version does especially well in a hydroponic setup and will thrive if you use the Sea of Green method. Outdoors, yields can exceed 600g/m2, with plants ready for harvest in early September.

You can find more help, ideas and tips from our growing guide.

Medical benefits

Bruce Banner Fast Version is ideal for patients with anxiety, depression, stress, PTSD, pain, and appetite issues.

Our verdict on Bruce Banner Fast Version

Bruce Banner Fast Flowering is undoubtedly one of the most exciting fast-flowering photoperiods around today. Insanely potent, with a complex and well-rounded buzz, this is an exquisite recreational smoke and a highly effective medicinal strain. Huge yields and rapid flowering times also make it great for growers.

Whether you’re relatively new to cannabis cultivation or an experienced grower seeking an exceptionally rewarding crop, Bruce Banner Fast is a strain that won’t disappoint.

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Bruce Banner strain is also available in the standard feminized version.

Additional information

Seed type


THC content

> 25%


400 – 500 g/sm

Flowering time

6 – 8 weeks


Medium: 100 – 180 cm

Strain type

Indica dominant, Indica / Sativa


< 1%




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