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Famed as one of the most powerful and THC rich strains of marijuana ever tested, Bruce Banner 3 is truly incredible. A winner of the High Times Cannabis Cup this is a strain that is perfect for anyone seeking powerful sativa highs, huge yields and one of the most unforgettable experiences of their lives.

Bruce Banner 3 Feminized has always been known as one of the highest THC strains. Bruce Banner 3 strain is also available in the fast version.

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Bruce Banner 3 is a sativa heavy hybrid created by mixing the popular Strawberry Diesel and OG Kush strains. There were originally 5 different types of Bruce Banner with this #3 version being the most potent and sought after.


Bruce Banner strain is a potent ‘happiness bomb’ that hits you whenever you smoke it. It’s the ideal way to relax into an evening of good times even if you weren’t feeling like it before.

Bruce Banner 3 packs a huge sativa hit that is set to stun. From the very first inhale you will feel a massive surge in spirits leading to an unprecedented level of euphoria. As your mind races with possibilities and a newfound energy you will start to feel the pleasant body numbing buzz of Bruce Banner 3 indica side. This mix of invigoration and relaxation makes it perfect for creatives and those who need a kick start to the day.

Taste, smell and appearance

The tall plants of Bruce Banner 3 shine with their combination of deep green and magenta leaves. Thick clusters of bright green buds cover the length of the plants, with the buds themselves peppered with light orange hairs and prominent trichromes. A classic sativa style, diesel smell begins to appear during flowering, growing ever stronger as harvest time nears. Cracking open a well cured bud offers an even stronger diesel shot with sweet citrus undertones.

Complex and surprising are the best ways to describe Bruce Banners flavour. The initially pungent diesel taste is soon joined by a contrasting mix of sweet fruit and floral flavours. The sweetness is especially noticeable on the exhale with bright and fresh bursts of strawberry and lemon. There is no doubt this sweet and sour flavour will stick with you for some time.


Bruce Banner 3 Feminized marijuana seeds are pretty easy to grow, making it suitable for beginners and a perfect option for cultivators seeking a rewarding grow. It is a highly robust plant immune to mold, mildew, rodents, and disease due to its OG Kush lineage. It has the potential to grow into a massive plant if provided adequate nutrients.

These plants grow tall so some trimming will be needed indoors where they will easily reach between 150-200cm. If grown outside ensure you are in a warm dry climate where the 2-3m tall plants will give gigantic yields of 700-1000g per plant! Bruce Banner 3 Feminized is known as one of the highest THC strains.

You can find more help, ideas and tips from our growing guide.

Medical benefits

This strain is well-known for serving as a natural potent pain reliever for patients and can also reduce stress, anxiety, PTSD, and inflammation. People who are suffering from migraines have found them to be highly helpful. Since the strain eases the mind and body, you can also treat chronic pain conditions due to its dulling properties.

Furthermore, this marijuana strain could alleviate different levels of pain and stress by enhancing their moods. It is an ideal strain to use in the morning and daytime, giving you a little encouragement, and may also improve your appetite and ease dizziness and nausea.

Our verdict on Bruce Banner 3 Feminized

Bruce Banner is famous worldwide for its Hulk like strength. Enormous THC levels are ready to knock you off your feet with an electrifying high that will have you buzzing. Amazingly it offers these stunning highs without being overly harsh, with a hugely enjoyable flavour and aroma. Couple this with the truly gigantic yields and you have one of the most exciting and easily recommended strains of all time.

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Additional information

Seed type


THC content

> 25%


500 -600 g/sm

Flowering time

8 – 10 weeks


Tall: 180 – 220 cm

Strain type

Sativa dominant, Indica / Sativa


< 1%




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