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For those looking for something with a bit of depth, Blue Dream marijuana seeds are a great choice. A relative of the more famous Blueberry cannabis strain, this plant derives its name from its signature buds, which are accented with thick layers of deep blue hues.

An overview of Blue Dream Auto

blue dream autoflower seeds
  • THC: 14 – 16%
  • Yields: 300 – 400 g/sm
  • Flowering: 7 – 10 weeks
  • Height: 60 – 100 cm
  • CBD: <1%
  • Effect: Euphoric, sleepy

Blue Dream Autoflower is a typical Sativa-hybrid strain with a calm and cheerful high. It’s an autoflowering variant of its well-known parent, Blue Dream, as the name suggests. This lady is a lovely pale green with dark overtones and red pistols. It has the skunky smell of its parent, but it also has a slightly candied blueberry taste. It was bred from Ruderalis genetics and matures in around 14 weeks.

Blue Dream Autoflower blends the hardiness of Ruderalis with the forgiving racy Blue Dream parent. It’s a cross of 80 percent Sativa and 20 percent Indica, and it’s well-known for its medical and recreational properties. It’s an energizing strain with a pleasant fruity fragrance.

A Sativa-dominant cannabis strain, the effects are uplifting, euphoric, and great for daytime or social use. Users who prefer to consume their cannabis in the smokeable form will be thrilled to learn how well Blue Dream Autoflower translates into dabs.

Buds on this strain are enormous and dense, with chocolate brown hues and vivid green nugs. It is encrusted with icy-white trichomes. The aroma is sweet and spicy, with traces of sweet berry. The effects of the strain are immediate. Some users say it sneaks upon them. This strain can help treat conditions such as chronic stress, pain, insomnia, and increasing appetite.

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What makes Blue Dream Autoflower so special?


Genetics: Blue Dream Autoflower cannabis strain genetics is a hardy plant with an intense, euphoric buzz. Fresh out of its packaging, this hybrid will show you the intensity of the Blue Dream it carries, producing massive THC levels perfect for heavy medical users or experienced consumers. A cross between Ruderalis and Sativa-dominant Blue Dream Autoflower seeds can be easily grown both indoors and out.

Two distinct parent strains combine to bring you a truly unique experience. The first, a Ruderalis, is a wild variety originating from Central Asia and Russia. The second, hybridized from Sativa and Indica genetics, is famous for its easy growth properties.

The Ruderalis gene in this strain accelerates the flowering process, making it easy to grow for both first-timers and skilled cultivators alike. THC levels are pretty high for an autoflowering strain, giving users a potent cerebral sensation coupled with strong, relaxing physical effects.

Blue Dream Auto, like its namesake, is the perfect combination of the relaxed bliss that comes with classic Blue Dream and the sun-grown raw power of an autoflowering strain. These buds are more compact than the original Blue Dream, but they’re generous with resin and coated in trichomes.


Blue Dream Auto features the same eye-popping coloration that many other Blue Dream cannabis reviews will mention. Its dense, compact, dark forest-green leaves have a deep purple tinge that looks stunning in the proper light. Not only are the flowers lovely, but the structure is also quite appealing. Blue Dream Autoflower matures into full-size marijuana plants, reaching a height of around 120cm. It’s as beautiful as it is intense!

Taste and smell

Tasting like an earthy berry smoothie, Blue Dream Auto tickles the senses. The taste is smooth and delightful, and it has notes of pine and citrus fruit. It gives off an enthralling fragrance that is very mild and enticing. This strain is excellent for new users and individuals with adverse reactions to strong odors.

The flavor of Blue Dream Autoflower buds combines notes of fruit, cedar, and spices. You also get a slight whiff of gasoline (if that’s into your thing). This aroma is due to this strain’s Ruderalis genetics.

Blue Dream Autoflower strain effects

Blue Dream Auto is a high-intensity strain that leaves you cheerful and full of smiles. The Sativa-dominant hybrid produces intense THC levels that dance on your face. The cerebral effects keep your mind clear, while the deep body high leaves you feeling tingly and flexible.

Blue Dream is ideal if you want an all-day high that will leave your head clear but will not keep you glued to the sofa. It’s an excellent strain for folks seeking both physical, pain-relieving effects as well as a calm cerebral high.

This strain’s deep relaxation provides a balanced source of a better day. Whether you’re anxious, depressed, or unable to stop the negative thoughts from reoccurring, these lovely buds can help you change your mind.

Blue Dream is an excellent choice for a well-balanced strain. It’s light enough to enjoy in the morning but appealing enough to keep you smiling all day. If consumed in large quantities, you may develop haziness, headache, and dry eyes. However, keep in mind that experiencing these adverse effects after moderate intake of cannabis is rare.

As with any high end strain, Blue Dream Autoflower seeds are now sold in lots of different seed banks around the world.

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