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Few strains boast a reputation as big as AK47’s. The high-strength, multi-award-winning, sativa-dominant hybrid is one of the best strains around, known for a focused and uplifting high that makes it a sublime recreational and medicinal strain. And now Auto AK47 provides that same sublime buzz in a strain that’s even easier to grow.

Despite its imposing name, Auto AK47 has a delicate, spicy flavor profile that’s the delight of cannabis connoisseurs. And with rapid flowering times and good yields for an autoflowering variety, it’s a favorite of passionate growers too. A formidable combination of flavor and potency, this is a must-try strain for all cannabis lovers.

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Why AK47 Feminized strain is a must-try

The AK47 Feminized marijuana seeds are the hybrid of three Sativa dominated strains from Thailand, South America, and Mexico with the blend of pure Afghani strain, which adds to its quality. This breeding product is a spectacular hybrid that offers the consumers a powerful cognitive buzz followed by a euphoric sensation.

AK47 Feminized is a multi-award-winning Sativa dominant hybrid strain with a high THC level of up to 18% and frosty trichome shine with bright orange hairs, which appear in the final stages of the flowering period. The AK47 is a simple to grow strain that will respond well even to beginner growers. The strain’s earthy scent and sweet undertones overwhelm the palate; however, its herbal and sweet flavor, combined with its potential to offer quick relief from various health conditions.

What are other users’ experience with AK47 Feminized strain

The mixture of three native Sativa strains creates an intense, euphoric feeling which can enjoy only after a few hits. From the beginning, AK-47 generates an energizing buzz that instantly raises user’s spirits and brightens up their day. It causes a rise in perception and also knowledge of one’s environment. Crazy and fresh ideas tend to pop into the mind, and there’s no avoiding them once they start.

It is not a perfect wake-and-bake strain, beyond the fact that it can motivate and empower many people. It’s because, after a little while, the Indica part of the plant appears; it begins as a mild calming feeling and extends down the back of the head and through the body, eventually reaching the muscles. A wave of joy and well-being washes over you, relaxing your nerves as it passes. Most users get drowsy at this stage and tend to lie down to rest.

The AK47 strain is a potent, pleasant strain, making it a good alternative for people suffering from depression. Some doctors recommend taking feminized AK47 first thing every morning. It’s great for people who may have stress issues, evil thoughts, or anxiety. Since it delivers a constant boost of energy, AK47 Feminized can be used to overcome chronic fatigue and exhaustion. It provides a friendly, slightly numbing feeling that may help relieve physical and emotional problems, and the user is also used to treat chronic joint pain. It can give cognitive relief and creativity, fun relaxing, and putting you at peace.

AK47 Feminized strain can induce dizzy spells and shortness of breath. If consumed in an immense amount in rare circumstances, it can cause a tinge of anxiety and potentially a headache in the smoker. The most frequent side effect was a sense of dehydration, which was accompanied by a cottonmouth and dry, itchy eyes, which made you feel somewhat irritated.

How to grow AK47 Feminized marijuana seeds

The AK47 feminized marijuana seeds aren’t difficult to grow. However, it does need a little care due because of their mold vulnerability. To prevent dampness, must control temperature and humidity daily. Air-flow must also be installed to circulate air within the grow room.

If vertical space is limited, it is entirely possible to maintain the AK47 as small as 65 to 85 cm. The SOG system can help improve the pace of growth in terms of tempo. The flowering period is relatively small for a strain with such a high Sativa presence, varying from 9 weeks and could yield up to 350g- 500g/sqm. This marijuana plant can grow well in a mildly colder environment with lots of sunlight. This plant will have developed robust and sparkling resin and buds on side branches across the central cola by the third or fourth week of October. Every plant yields 500 grams; however, it can reach 800g in extreme cases.

Buy AK47 seeds

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Additional information

Seed type


THC content

18 – 21%


400 – 500 g/sm

Flowering time

8 – 10 weeks


Short: 60 – 100 cm, Medium: 100 – 180 cm

Strain type

Pure Sativa




1 – 4%


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