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420 Seeds review: about the brand

420 Seeds are definitely one of the best marijuana seed banks to use. They stock a wide range of seeds from some of the best cannabis breeders, secure payment methods, fast shipping and worldwide delivery.

So why haven’t you heard of them? Despite the lack of information and reviews online, 420 Seeds have been in business for over 20 years. They began selling cannabis seeds in the late 90’s, I know this because they were actually the first seedbank that I used. Originally they sold just their own white label strains at bargain prices, however since their humble beginnings 420 Seeds have come a long way and has now evolved into a vast seed bank stocking all of the big name cannabis breeders from Sensi Seeds to Greenhouse. So it is about time that someone unearthed this hidden gem among the online seed banks with a 420 seeds review.

420 Seeds strains selection

Arguably the most important aspect of any seed bank is the variety of cannabis strains available and the quality of said variety. So I will start off our 420 seeds review with a run down of their strain selection.

420 Seeds stock a huge variety of cannabis seeds which I feel is their biggest selling point, with over 55 breeder, 1000 feminised strains, 500 autoflower strains and almost 200 regular cannabis strains you will not be stuck for choice.

They stock some great and unusual varieties such as Purple Paralysis by Cream of the Crop, as well as some of the fan favourites such as Super Lemon Haze from Greenhouse Seeds.

If you know what you are looking for or have specific requirements such as high CBD cannabis seeds, 420 Seeds have excellent filters that will help you navigate their vast selection of strains.

420 Seeds website review

Our 420 Seeds review would not be complete without a thorough assessment of their website. The user experience of most online stores is what draws customers back to them and 420 seeds appear to have nailed it. Their website truly is one of their big strong points, if you are looking for a modern seedbank that is easy to navigate and has a wide range of cannabis seeds then look no further.

What makes the 420 Seeds website so unique and easy to use is that they have conveniently placed filterable options at the top and left side panel to narrow down their wide selection of cannabis strains. You can filter cannabis strains based on their price, yield, THC, CBD, Flowering time, Height, Breeder, Regular, Feminised, Autoflower, Top strains and characteristics.

It is clear that 420 seeds have dedicated a lot of time to the look and feel of their website, finding a strain is easy, the checkout process is smooth and you can even track orders once they have been shipped. The website also has a handy account section where you can track your reward points, refer a friend or update your details. Overall 420 seeds website is way ahead of the competition with usability making the seed buying process quick and easy.

420 Seeds review: product quality

420 Seeds is a seedbank that sells both their own white label strains and also strains produced by other breeders.

420 Seeds branded White Label Seeds

In there early days the germination rates were good and the quality of the bud was also good, but not amazing. 420 Seeds have come on a long way since the 90’s and they have expanded their range quite a bit. They now stock their own white label versions of Gorilla Glue, Bruce Banner, Grandaddy Purps and a whole range of over 70 feminised, regular and autoflower seeds. Now the quality from their white label strains is as good as you will find in any other reputable seedbank. And when it comes to getting value for money 420 Seeds cannot be beaten.

Breeder seeds

420 seeds stock a huge range from some of the most reputable cannabis breeders from Holland and Spain. Their seed stock is always of the highest quality. I have grown plenty of strains purchased from 420 seeds including seeds from Barneys Farm, Sensi Seeds and Dutch Passion and all have grown successfully. I can vouch for the seeds being genuine too because they arrived in their original breeder packs. However if you live outside of the UK then it is likely that your seeds will be repackaged and stealth shipped.

Overall they stock some of the best and most reliable breeders from Holland and Spain such as Barneys Farm, Sensi Seeds, Dinafem, Dutch Passion and Royal Queen Seeds.

Is 420 Seeds a trusted seedbank?

420 Seeds have been around since the late 90’s and the brand has come on a lot in recent years. They have developed from a small website selling just white label strains into one of the big seedbanks that stock over a thousand different cannabis strains. They have a great reputation among growers that have used their seeds, however 420 Seeds is a bit of a hidden gem among the plethora of seedbanks online today. They lack an online presence in the same way that some of the big seedbanks have, however I think this is used to their advantage because their customer service is excellent.

Over the years I have placed multiple orders with 420 seeds and have had very few issues myself. 420 Seeds customer service have been nothing short of a pleasure to deal with, they have on all occasions dealt with any issues by either resending my order or offering me a credit on their website. This to me shows that 420 seeds are a trustworthy and reliable seedbank. The only downside to 420 Seeds is that if you are outside of the UK your seeds may not arrive in a breeder pack, however this is sometimes necessary to ship stealthily.

420 Seeds payment methods

The payment options available at 420 Seeds could not be any easier, like most big seedbanks they offer a range of payment methods including card payment, bank wire, bitcoin, cash and money order.

The one negative point of our 420 seeds review is that despite the wide range of payment options available we found it difficult to pay using a card. Although the payment did eventually go through I had to use my Mastercard instead of my Visa to pay for my seeds. It  is fairly common among cannabis seed banks to have a high decline rate so I wont deduct too many points. 

420 Seeds review: shipping and delivery

Cannabis growers by nature are secretive about their activities and so discretion is very important. Our 420 Seeds review has left no stone unturned and to assess stealth shipping methods we placed an order with 420 seeds, and here is what we found.

420 seed bank have some of the best stealth shipping in the cannabis seed industry. They ship worldwide covering the USA, Canada and Australia. They have good success rates and use methods such as woolly hats, DVD cases and CD cases to hide their seeds and get them to you safely. And if they do not arrive or get caught by those pesky customs officers, 420 Seeds will resend the order free of charge.

420 Seeds have four different shipping options depending on where you are located and the size of your order.

UK Stealth – £3.50 – Sent tracked with Royal Mail.

UK Guaranteed Stealth Plus – £11.50 – Sent stealth and tracked with Royal Mail.

Worldwide Stealth – £9.95 – Cheaper for larger orders – Tracked and shipped with Royal Mail.

Guaranteed Stealth – £15.95 – Cheaper for larger orders – Tracked and shipped with Royal Mail with Guaranteed insurance.

Delivery timescales

UK – 1-3 days (up to 5 days).
EU – 4-7 days (up to 15 days).
USA and Rest of the world – 7- 14 days (up to 25 days).

Free seeds

420 Seeds offer some of the best freebies with their orders. Below is their current free seed offer of which you have a choice of three selections of free seeds;

The Mighty Mix – comprised of up to 5 free regular and 4 feminised breeder seeds.
First Class Females – Comprised of up to 6 free feminised breeder seeds.
Speed Demon – Comprised of up to 6 free autoflower breeder seeds.

420 Seeds sales and promotions – visit sale

420 Seeds discounts are some of the best of any online seedbank with regular sale prices on some of the most popular breeders, usually with a selection of 5 – 7 breeders with a 20 – 30% off on selected strains. Currently with strains as Barneys Farm Blue OG and Sweet Tooth Auto on 30% they offer the lowest prices online.

420 Seeds reward scheme

If all of this isn’t enough to keep you coming back 420 Seeds have an excellent reward scheme that gives you 3 points per £1 spent that can be used toward any future orders.

TIP – Want to get money off your cannabis seed order? Visit our DISCOUNT CODES page for exclusive cannabis coupon codes and special offers that could save you up to 40% off the price of your order.

420 Seeds review conclusion

420 Seeds offer great customer service and excellent quality cannabis seeds from both their own white label strains and the wide range of breeder strains that they stock. You may not have heard of them until now because they don’t have as much of an online presence compared with some of the big names in the seed industry, however they can definately be relied upon to deliver top quality marijuana genetics.

The one downside is that If you live outside of the UK then breeder seeds are likely to come out of their packs to aid stealth shipping. However if you can live with stealth delivery I would highly recommend 420 Seeds, they will be staying as my go-to seedbank for the foreseeable future.


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