If you’re a fan of growing weed outdoors, you know that some of the best buds come from wet climates. However, if you live in such environments, mold can become an issue. Thankfully, there is a solution— mold resistant strains.

Why grow mold resistant strains?

Why use mold resistant strains? By using mold resistant strains, you will notice a decrease in contaminated buds. Plants won’t be soaked in Botrytis from a greasy harvest. You will get more trimmed buds with less bud rot, which means less throwing plants away. Not only that, but the resin content on cured buds is often higher on many of these varieties, and yield is often more significant for many. Who wouldn’t want that?

Botrytis is a general term for grey mold or bud rot that affects cannabis. It is prevalent in certain areas, especially during long wet and foggy fall seasons. The mold spores survive dormant on leaf surfaces for entire growing seasons, wreaking havoc on many plants.

It’s indeed challenging to grow high-quality marijuana outdoors in rainy climates. To have a chance of success, you need to know precisely which strains suits you. Otherwise, mold and bud rot will overtake your plants and produce a crop of poor quality.

Cannabis cultivators are constantly on the lookout for new and better genetics. And they’ve uncovered some pretty versatile strains. Certain varieties are tolerant of wet growing environments, with little fear of mold or mildew, and they can even produce a decent yield despite the constant humidity. You’ll hear about old school growers sharing their secret strains with newer growers interested in growing hydroponic weed from time to time.

Landrace Sativa and why they are the most mold resistant strains

A landrace strain is a type of cannabis that has adapted to the local climate over time. The plants have honed in on what their ancestors learned and passed those traits onto them. They are resistant to mold, bugs, and other dangers that come with a harsh climate. This makes them great for outdoor growing, where bugs and molds can be common. Landrace strains are still considered cannabis Indica and Sativa, east coast, west coast, and so on.

Wild landrace cannabis varieties, found in wet climates around the globe, offer superior mold resistance and robustness. Sativas from Central and South America, Asia, and Africa possess hardiness and potency. Cross-pollination of sativa, indica, and cannabis ruderalis landraces leads to a delightful array of phenotypes. Many breeders are taking advantage of cannabis hybrids.

Landrace Sativas are the most stable and uniform genetics. By breeding them with high yielding cannabis hybrids, you get a solid strain that’s great for growing outdoors.

Molds are a common problem in the cultivation of marijuana plants. They cause various diseases and can affect the quality of the product. Marijuana strains developed to be resistant to molds are now more available. We have compiled a list of the ten best mold resistant strains for you to choose from, depending on what is your goal and what you want to accomplish with your plants.

Afgoo Feminized

afgoo is one of the best mold resistant strains

An Indica dominant hybrid, Afgoo is the perfect variety for beginners. The smell of sweet herbal notes followed by a Sativa-like head high will make this weed a hit among newbies and seasoned smoke enthusiasts. A mellow strain won't get you "frazzled" Afgoo Feminized is an excellent option for those seeking a more carefree evening. 

Slow-burning and thoughtfully compelling, this mold resistant indica strain combines a woody earthiness with a citrusy lime-toned scent to create a body high that soothes on both ends.

Since the 1980s, Afgoo has been a popular strain. This hybrid is a cross between a Sativa dominant strain of Maui Haze and a Landrace strain of Afghan. It makes indoor breeding possible; resilient plants can give you more robust and more consistent results.

This cannabis hybrid strain is a potent cross between Indica and Sativa. THC levels in this strain exceed 18%, making it a powerful treat for relaxation. The trace levels of CBD only enhance its therapeutic potential, allowing for a pleasant mood elevation that results in contentment and comfort.

Afgoo is an indica. She grows short, squat, and bushy. Her broad leaves are dark green with a thick stem and a very short inter-nodal length. The buds are frosty with a sticky trichome layer. This resin will make the buds difficult to break by hand, so its recommended to use  a grinder. Afgoo takes well to SoG (Sea of Green) or SCROG (Screen of Green) set-ups indoors. An indoor harvest can reach 900 gr/m2. 

Cannabis growers who live in warm, arid regions should have this strain in their cultivation portfolio. Although this cannabis strain is best grown indoors due to its short stature, it can still be a good choice for outdoor growing, especially in the warmer Mediterranean climate. Grown outdoor, Afgoo's cannabis seeds will be ready in early October, promising heavy harvests of 500g per plant.

Afgoo is considered a "one and done" strain. It's strong enough to sedate you but mild enough to put you into a lazy stupor, unlike other energetic strains that keep you awake burning the midnight oil. Once Afgoo puts you to bed, it will have your restless body ready for a good night's worth of comfy sleep.

If you need to get rid of unpleasant cramps and chronic pain or want to have a good body stone that will help you relax, Afgoo is the best option for you. You'll feel relaxed and will start feeling sleepy after a few hours, so be careful if you don't want to go to sleep right away.

Most users will be able to unwind and relax with the heavy effects of this strain. It's an ideal strain for those who need to forget a stressful workday or kick out depression when it hits.

Afgoo has a sweet and earthy taste with a strong aroma that will require filters if you are a discreet grower. The sweet citrus and pine aroma are subtle and rich. You'll appreciate the distinct, earthy taste and smell of this strain.

This mold resistant strain is an Indica dominant hybrid created by crossing an Afghan and a Maui Haze strain. After developing a backcross to make it stable, Amsterdam Seeds has made Afgoo available as their first feminized seed. This makes it an Indica hybrid, with 60% Indica and 40% Sativa genetics. It is tough and adapts to its surroundings to survive. It also has a fantastic aroma and taste.

Blue Cheese Feminized

Want to feel like you've just stepped into a valley of wildflowers? It can happen when you grow Blue Cheese Feminized seeds. These feminized seeds produce sweet and savory-flavored bud with 80% Indica dominance, making this one of the best mold resistant indica strains to grow. It's a favorite among both recreational users and medical patients.

Blue cheese is a hybrid that emerged in Europe due to the crossbreeding of blueberry and UK cheese. This makes this strain potent, sweet, and fruity while also providing a pleasant sense of relaxation without drowsiness.

If you have a few hours to spare and want a high-THC strain that relieves pain, try Blue Cheese Feminized. This strain has a THC content of 19% or higher and is excellent for reducing migraines, nausea, and inflammation. It's also perfect for casual users who need to wind down at the end of a long day with its upbeat and engaging effects.

At first, you might be fooled into thinking it's a Sativa strain, but Blue Cheese rides the line between Indica and Sativa. She packs a potent punch that settles down into a solid body high that promotes relaxation. The delicious taste of blueberries with a hint of sharp cheddar cheese characterizes this strain's flavor profile, offering a unique experience with every hit.

Blue Cheese plants are usually Indica shaped, though they do occasionally appear Sativa. These plants stretch during flowering to grow over a meter tall. The leaves tend to be comprehensive with large finger-like shapes. Blue Cheese Feminized yields indoor and outdoor yields ranging from 400 g/m2 to 700 g/m2 – making her a genuinely high-performance plant.

Blue Cheese is a very balanced Indica dominant hybrid that delivers a potent combination of both effects. It is the perfect strain for people who want to relax but don't want to be stuck on the couch. This Indica dominant hybrid provides a euphoric head rush and a great body buzz. 

With 19% THC and 1%, CBD Blue Cheese is a potent strain offering a lasting high. Blue Cheese helps stimulate the appetite, brings on natural 'munchies,' and is often used for sleeplessness. The high is very calm and relaxing, with both Indica and Sativa characteristics. Those who consume this strain are usually very relaxed and find it easy to fall asleep.

Despite being a challenging strain, Blue Cheese Feminized has very few adverse effects, making it suitable for beginners. No adverse effects have been reported. Some people experience paranoia or dizziness. This strain may also occasionally lead to dry mouth and itchy eyes. Taking a healthy drink of water can keep you hydrated and help you avoid these symptoms.

This strain is so intense, it almost reeks! However, the smell makes people smile. Although Blue Cheese is often known for its solid and dank smell, many find it pleasant. Sweet blueberries and an underlying skunkiness are just the start.

You won't find any sharp, sour smells with this strain. The fruity and blue cheese scent combined develops into a creamy fragrance. With relaxing, euphoric effects, this strain is one of the most commonly used ones for recreational or medical purposes.

For those of us who like sweet, tangy tastes with our marijuana, Blue Cheese is the perfect match. The smell and taste are similar to that of original blue cheese, but it's a mellow smoke that doesn't make you feel heavy and slow.

The Blue Cheese Feminized is a cross of UK cheese and Dutch blueberry which results in an easy-to-growth plant that offers remarkable medicinal value. With Blue Cheese, you will benefit from a wide range of effects, such as a heightened state of happiness and relaxation, as well as relief from the symptoms of anxiety or depression.

Super Silver Haze

Super Silver Haze is known for its high-energy effects and uplifting, happy, euphoric quality. It's a genuinely fantastic strain that leaves you feeling happy while still being productive and functional.

Propagated by the original breeders from Green House Seeds, this potent Sativa dominant hybrid is a cross between classic strains Northern Lights, Haze, and Skunk No. 1. Super Silver Haze is a well-balanced, hybrid strain perfect for day and night time use. It produces a clear, happy, euphoric state of mind.

Super Silver haze is a high yielding Sativa hybrid. This powerful herb combines the best qualities of both indicas and sativas for potent effects that simultaneously relax and energize the body. Feminized and mold resistant, Super Silver Haze grows well indoors or outdoors.

This strain boasts an 80:20 Sativa/Indica ratio and pairs a sweet flavor with a strong haze aroma that hits upon first inhale. Super Silver Haze performs best when grown indoors and requires a highly controlled environment. A three-time High Times Cannabis Cup winner, this sticky Sativa hybrid with a long-lasting energetic body effect is one of the best mold resistant strains you can grow in hot climates.

Indoor growers looking to take their cultivation to the next level will appreciate its superb branching properties when used in SOG and SCROG setups. Outdoors it thrives in equatorial and tropical regions. It flourishes in a warm climate and produces dense dank buds.

The Super Silver Haze strain presents a wide range of muted tones—from faded greens to light purples and grays. Bittersweet pistils add highlights of orange, and the leaves are flecked with tiny diamond-shaped crystals.

These premium quality stalks can sometimes be quite large, and they almost always have a brilliant green color. The leaves themselves are often covered in a layer of white trichomes that make the marijuana look snow-like.

As a strain with Sativa in its genetic line, it comes as no surprise that this variety will grow to be quite tall. With 9-11 weeks of flowering, even the most novice gardener has enough time to perfect the art of growing cannabis. This medium difficulty legend is a delight to grow, and it yields 500-600g/m² inside the home and 400g/m² outside in the sunshine. It is resistant to mold, mildew, and pests, and clones easily.

With sudden bursts of energy and a cheerful disposition, Super Silver Haze is the go-to strain when you need a little boost. Super Silver Haze is a powerful mood enhancer. This head high makes it ideal for dealing with stressful situations and social anxiety, satisfying the need to feel good.

Super Silver Haze is a cannabis strain that gives you the energy and motivation to focus and accomplish things while remaining clear-headed. It has moderate THC levels, so it's a great daytime strain. The cerebral nature of this marijuana makes it ideal for fighting off fatigue while still being socially outgoing.

Super Silver Haze's aroma will make your senses more awake. Its taste is sweet and skunky. At first, its flavor is herbal. The smoke will have an earthy effect and provide a citrus note with each toke. Its sweet, citrusy tone blends with a spicy, skunky background that's both strong and rich.

It's entirely out of this world! Super Silver Haze has been around for quite a while. It is widely regarded as one of the best Sativa-dominant strains for its stimulating and lucid head high, having won multiple High Time Cannabis Cups.

Super Silver Haze is one of the most potent Sativa with an excellent terpene profile with its mythical parentage. It has been bred from Northern Lights (Afghani x Thai), Haze, and Skunk. The World Heritage status of Super Silver Haze is yet to be determined, but it has a lineage of cannabis legends.

Colombian Gold

Bred from a combination of landraces from the Santa Marta mountain range in Colombia, this Sativa is now one of the most desired medical strains. The unique Colombian Gold strain balances traditional Kushes with more "coastal" Sativas resulting in a sweet yet spicy blend of flavors. The smoke is smooth and buttery, with a very long-lasting high that gently eases you into relaxation.

With cannabis genetics deeply rooted in Colombia's climate, this country has become a global leader in cannabis cultivation. The genetic diversity of the different strains developed over the decades has inspired an evolution in quality that will continue to impact the way people view and approach cannabis.

Colombian Gold is an energetic daytime hybrid with a high THC content of up to 20 percent. This strain is ideal for those who want to experience consistent muscle relaxation and a mild to moderate mood boost. The strain will make you want to giggle. Colombian Gold raises your spirits and keeps you focused on love and happiness.

Colombian Gold stands tall and displays the classic Sativa structure. The silhouette of these ragged flowers is similar to Jamaican or Thai Sativa landraces, which cannabis enthusiasts will recognize. The leaves are pale spring green with bright orange pistils that run through them. Its buds are long, tapered, and covered with amber trichomes.

This mold resistant strain performs best in tropical and subtropical environments, but it can also thrive in greenhouses, and indoor grow rooms. It grows into a large plant with many branches, producing a good crop of around 600g/m2. This is a potent cannabis strain that takes about 9-10 weeks to fully mature.

Testing at above-average medicinal levels, Colombian Gold is an intense Sativa strain that combines the best of multiple varieties. It hits the eyes and forehead, producing a kind of floating sensation. Your mood improves as your energy level rises. You're energized and ready to take on anything that comes your way. A true recreational treat!

You feel a cerebral buzz, but it's not overly energetic or racy. There's a relaxing body sensation, but it leaves your mind clear to tackle tasks. It's a good choice for those who need pain relief and a clear sense. It has a clean, mellow finish.

Colombian Gold, a skunky strain with an intense smell, will leave you speechless with its intensely fruity flavor. It's a lemony and limey sensation that's so refreshing you'll find yourself adding it to a variety of dishes.

There's the tea tree/citronella oil tang, but there's also the lemon/lime tang that comes through. It's a smooth taste, but it can also be intense. You don't cough very often at all when you smoke it.

Colombian Gold was discovered in Colombia's Santa Marta Mountains. It's a Sativa-dominant hybrid with a complex heritage that gives it a sweet tropical flavor. There's a reason this has been around for so long. It has been documented since the 1700s when it traveled through the Amazon with traders and natives. Colombian Gold is a pure Sativa with a balanced and distinct high. It will relax you without making you jittery or paranoid, nor will it give you the munchies.

Jamaican Pearl

Jamaican Pearl is a blend of Early Pearl and some of the best Caribbean Sativa genetics. While it is true to its mostly-Sativa heritage, Jamaican Pearl has a more relaxed buzz and shows exceptional yield potential indoors or outdoors.

This mold resistant strain is the culmination of Sensi seeds' quest to find an old-world Sativa that could grow in northern climates. It's one of our most Sativa dominant hybrids, a cross between a Jamaican cannabis strain called Marley's Collie and an Early Pearl variety.

Take a piece of the Caribbean home with you, thanks to this potent plant. The Jamaican Pearl seed produces an exotic high that will leave you feeling calm and relaxed. This is an excellent choice for growers in cooler climates as it thrives in these conditions. Tropical fruit aromas with a hint of pineapple make for a refreshing smoke. It's easy to chill out with Jamaican Pearl Feminized.

The Jamaican Pearl strain can grow up to 300cm tall in the right conditions! You can also start them early in the season to control their height. Flowering usually begins in August and continues until September.

As a Sativa, Jamaican Pearl is a significant and bushy plant. She should finish bigger than most Indica strains, and she will have a good harvest without becoming unmanageably tall like the majority of Haze variants. When her flowering period starts, she will display large Sativa buds on her sturdy branches.

Jamaican Pearl is one of our top mold-resistant and most reliable cannabis seed strains. Reaching 18 inches outdoors, it produces long, heavy lateral branches and large, cylindrical buds. With yields consistently in the 600-650 g/m2 range, Jamaican Pearl Feminized is an ideal plant for the commercial producer seeking to maximize outdoor yields.

This is a variety with a short vegetation period and flowering periods of 9-11 weeks. During the vegetation period, the Pearl is bushier and more resinous. For growing indoors, it is a good choice as well. We recommend giving your seeds a short growing period before being moved into flowering.

With a slightly higher THC level than our Haze strains, you'll be flying with the Jamaican Pearl. Test drivers have recorded "smiles per mile" at over 125! It calms the muscles and leaves behind a warm glow with no burnout. Great for relaxing after work and putting it all in perspective.

Jamaican Pearl Feminized has an energizing buzz that relieves stress and pain. It'sIt's a cerebral high that makes you feel loose and happy, making it ideal for hanging out with friends or going out for a party.

This mold resistant strain that has an aroma that is sweet, fruity, earthy and spicy. It also exhibits a deep, sharp-spicy green oil scent due to her "collie herb" lineage. If you're keen to try this often sticky strain, let the buds dry slightly before handling them, or wear gloves and have grinders on hand for the sticky sweet-scented resin.

Jamaican Pearl is a Sativa-dominant strain (85% Sativa) that brings together the best Caribbean Sativa and Early Pearl breeding line. It's quick to finish, indoor or out, and tends to be a high yielder. Jamaican Pearl produces very little detectable odor, but the effect is sweet fruity taste and aroma. The high is both uplifting and calm, with hints of warmth. Jamaican Pearl is genetic bedrock for almost any Sativa-loving grower because it has incredible yield potential.

Northern Lights #5 x Haze

The Feminized Northern Lights 5 x Haze is a relaxing, creative smoke. A 70% Sativa, 30% Indica; it's a strain that gets you relaxed but can still be active. You can also expect an invigorating high that will last a long time. The buds are of good size with complete tall plants, a piney taste, and smell to the smoke.

This high-quality feminized strain enables you to reap the benefits of regular cannabis varieties without having to worry about male plants. As a result, you won't need to spend more time and energy on culling. Plants of this strain express hybrid vigor thanks to their Sativa dominance. Total time is around 65-75 days depending on the growing environment.

Two classic Sativa-Indica hybrids are united in this feminized cross, designed initially to yield intense tropical highs with a slow-onset body stone. She's the spectacular result of breeding a North American Sativa to an award-winning Afghani making Northern Lights #5 x Haze one of the best mold resistant strains to grow. Her bliss is soaring, powerful, and long-lasting, but not so intense that it leaves you on the couch.

The densely packed, abundant buds quickly hide the plant's long branches. Its buds develop a sticky, resinous coating within a few weeks. This strain has a short flowering period, but it should be harvested in early October.

This strain can be successfully cultivated indoors by careful cultivators, with an expected harvest of 450 grams per square meter. Spend less time and effort and still get up to 800 grams per square meter of outdoor space.

Northern Lights 5 X Haze is an excellent choice for those who have a little more time to devote to growing the plant; the flowering time is 65-75 days on average. This mold resistant strain can reach a height of 300 cm when grown outdoors while the average size indoors is closer to 170 cm.

This strain delivers uplifting euphoria. Some people may also experience a calming sense of sedation and physical relaxation. This strain will amplify your happiness and calm your stress. The feeling itself is warm, inviting, and highly satisfying.

It is a good for unwinding and relaxing. Its mellow disposition and calming mental clarity is an excellent aid in combating stress on a busy workday. The Haze hybrid creates a happy blend of energy and creativity. It takes away all of your anxiety but still allows you to maintain a clear state of mind with a beautiful, dreamy, euphoric high.

An aura-like scent blasts off aromas of sweet fragrances. Breaking up the buds release powdery flavors with a hint of citrus and earth. When smoked, a sense of tranquility sets in, i.e., the environment becomes cool like ice wine with the refreshing taste of mint tea.

The sweet, earthy flavor is smooth and light on the inhale with a slight hint of spice. On the exhale, an herbal taste dances across the senses.

Meticulously grown in Amsterdam, this Sativa-dominant hybrid provides users with a cerebral high, leaving them feeling motivated. A Super Haze and Northern Lights hybrid, Northern Lights #5 x Haze is intense and relaxing. Its nugs glisten with THC, and the aroma is spicy yet sweet. This strain has won multiple awards, including the High Times Cannabis Cup for Best Sativa in 1990 and 1994.

Thai Auto flowering

Thai Auto is one of the best mold resistant autoflower strains you can grow, it is a pure Sativa marijuana strain that was bred from the original Thai landrace cannabis. It has a powerful effect on the mind and can treat stress disorders, depression, anxiety, and nausea. Its THC level is very high (22%), and it also has a low CBD content (0.1%).

It is believed that when soldiers returned home from the Vietnam War, they brought this weed with them. It quickly became known as "Thai sticks," owing to the bamboo stalks that marijuana was wrapped in when imported into the United States. You'll love the taste of this strain. It begins with a fruity and sweet sensation that evolves into a sour and piney aftertaste. The flavor is just as smooth as the scent.

After inhaling the thick smoke of Thai Auto, you'll feel relaxed and uplifted. The high is clear-headed and puts you in a good mood, so it's perfect for completing various tasks on the go. This versatile strain produces a happy, uplifting high that will improve your mood and energize you. But it won't get you so stoned that you can't function.

The Sativa leaves are dark green and long. They will eventually stretch 6 ft. The buds are whispy and wide, long calyxes with tiny white hairs. It gives off a lovely smell, slightly fruity as well.

Indoor Thai Autoflowering is the best option because you can easily control the temperature to mimic a warm, sunny, and humid climate. Since this strain takes longer to mature than other plants, there is a greater chance that something will go wrong while you wait for it to be ready for harvest.

This marijuana plant can grow up to 15 feet tall if it is not trained. It will flower in 9 to 11 weeks on average and yield 13 ounces per harvest if grown outdoors and 11 ounces per harvest if grown indoors.

That has a long-standing reputation within the community for being finicky and requiring more care to thrive. With attention and care, these plants can grow into a bountiful yield for the patient cannabis connoisseur.

Thai Autoflower is great for anyone looking for a mold resistant autoflower strain growing in a hot environment.

Sativa-based Thai cannabis delivers a happy, energetic buzz that warms your heart and lifts your mood. It's a classic uplifting high for those who are seeking the best in natural relaxation.

The rush you get from the Thai enables you to be productive even after a long day at work. You don't need to be a pothead to enjoy Thai, which means it could very well become your go-to strain for everyday use. This is a pure Sativa. As such, it's one of the best strains for treating stress and mood problems like depression.

That marijuana is particularly sweet and earthy with a hint of fruit, though a woody tone in the nose tinges it. Its sweet and creamy smoke has a pine flavour in the mouth that clears away to hints of herbs and citrus.

You know it has to be good with a name like Thai Auto. This mold-resistant strain is a potent Sativa with exceptional genetics, taking the classic Thai genetics and stabilizing it for growing outdoors and indoors. It was developed in Amsterdam from the original Thai landrace cannabis. Due to its short flowering time, small stature, and extremely high THC levels, it quickly became a favorite of seed collectors throughout Europe.

Durban Poison

Durban Poison is a hybrid strain that is a cross between Durban Poison from South Africa and various other cannabis strains. It has psychedelic properties that will leave you feeling euphoric.

With its complex Sativa effects, Durban Poison can provide an uplifting experience as well. Its THC content is more than 20%, which results in a trancelike state of mind that can be pretty mesmerizing.

This South African strain is an excellent choice for novice and expert growers alike. It's easy to grow, grows well in soil and hydroponic setups, and requires little maintenance. Durban Poison produces up to 350g/m² when grown outdoors; while indoors, that number shoots as high as 550 grams.

Durban Poison is a Sativa dominant cannabis strain (60 % Sativa) that exudes incredible euphoric energy. It's perfect if you are into the uplifting effects of sativas.

When you zoom in on Durban Poison, you'll see that the buds are loaded with thick resin glands. This is one of the reasons it's so famous for making "budder" and other extracts. The dense, rounded buds will make your fingers sticky.

This strain is incredibly sparkly from the first glance due to the trichomes covering every inch of the buds. But wait until you see it for yourself! At least half of the bud is covered in those neon orange hairs that appear to be all over the place. Spend some time with this one if you like bright colors and glimmering things.

The leaves of a healthy Durban Poison are deep green with a pale flavor. They lead its classic and straightforward yet strikingly gorgeous appearance. While most Durban Poison strains flower in 9-11 weeks, we believe that to find the most authentic genetics, cultivation can take up to 14-16 weeks. When grown outdoors, the Durban Poison flower produces a relatively large yield of about 16 ounces per plant. Expect to harvest an average of 13 ounces per square meter at home.

While Durban may be racy, it has no psychotropic effects and is still a great choice if you seek a daytime head energizer. This strain will help you find new creative outlets and bring out the social in you. Durban poison produces an intense sociable high that encourages conversation. The strain offers energy and appetite stimulation. This strain is also known to relieve any issues relating to migraines or nausea.

Durban Poison rose to prominence due to its sweet flavor. It floods the palate with flavors ranging from sweet lemon candy to spicy anise, creating a sweet and spicy experience.

Durban Poison was discovered in Durban, a seaport city in South Africa's KwaZulu-Natal province. Durban is well-known for its spectacular weather, ranging from sunny and hot to rainy and violent thunderstorms. It is also well known for its diverse range of warm-climate plants such as wild fern, vanilla blossoms, and sunflowers.

This mold-resistant strain, affectionately known as D-P, is a 100 percent pure Sativa. Durban Poison has been a staple of the Sativa world for quite some time, so it's no surprise that we relish its classic flavor.


Buddha, named after the famous philosopher, is a pure Thai Sativa. It's an incredible cerebral high that's sure to put a smile on your face and leave you with a positive outlook on life. Buddha’s good genes make it great for cross-breeding, especially for those looking to create their Hybrid strains. You decide what to breed with Buddha Regular seeds, allowing for a diverse cannabis growing experience.

Buddha provides a significant high and an abundance of happy vibes. It is highly recommended for those who prefer to keep things mellow. It rewards your good growing with abundant yields and a plethora of spice.

Buddhas pure sativa genetics make it one of the best mold resistant strains and an ideal plant to grow in hot humid environments.

You'll notice that the buds have a classic "herb" appearance. When the buds are mature, they'll take on the shape of an oval or Christmas tree. The buds are covered in crystals and orange hair that spirals and weaves in and out. They have bright green leaves, like a large forest. A vigorous grower, the Buddha Flower produces tall buds with lots of thick orange hairs and frosty crystals. They look full, happy, and strong.

Hobby growers can train Buddha weed plants into cannibalistic shapes. Munching away at surrounding stems and leaves, it quickly runs out of room in the ground, and you'd be amazed at how big they can grow indoors! 

To get the most out of your Buddha, Seeds always grow outside. These plants grow tall and can reach up to as long as 220 cm. When grown properly, Buddha Regular has a flowering cycle of 12 to 14 weeks. It typically yields 400 to 500 grams per plant and is ready around mid-October.

Buddha, a super-high THC strain, has been known to reach 20% THC and is notorious for inducing feelings of euphoria. The high levels of THC and CBN in Buddha produce a clear-headed, energetic high. You get a rush of euphoric excitement, which makes it popular with enthusiastic consumers. Buddha is a beautiful hybrid that can help you relax and let go. Take a few bong rips or tokes, and the effects will leave you feeling relaxed and content.

The aroma of this strain is perfect, with hints of lemon, lime, and berries. Buddha has a sweet flavor with a sour aftertaste. From beginning to end, this is a flawless combination.

Buddha is named after the famous philosopher because of its inspirational, mind-altering traits. This pure Sativa grown in Thailand delivers an intense body high coupled with an uplifting cerebral rush. It's an excellent choice for relaxing before bed or for increasing creativity.

This mold-resistant strain grows into a tall, skinny plant with broad finger leaves and large bracts that emit sweet odors as they grow. The aroma of Buddha is spicy, with lemongrass and earthy lavender notes, and the flavor is complex, with hints of incense and pine overtones.

Shaman Feminized

Shaman is a great recreational strain with energetic and trippy effects. The Shaman is a feminized version of the classic Skunk variety. It comprises old-school genetics, with modern breeders adding their charm to it. These seeds are suitable for people growing indoors and outdoors, although they prefer warmer climates. The Shaman was produced in the mid-1980s, based on an exceptional male Purple#1 and an exceptional female Skunk plant.

Shaman is perfect for the outdoor/greenhouse grower. The mold resistant strain produces a distinctive and elegant plant, growing with evident Sativa characteristics such as long intermodal distance between the large buds. It has a strong Sativa influence, which makes it ideal for a sunny outdoor location or greenhouse. Shaman is an easy-to-grow variety with high yields of good quality ganja.

The purple strain flowers around September outdoors and about 7-8 weeks from sprouting indoors. Shaman is a classic 70s-style Sativa with an upbeat high, and sugary taste. An excellent choice for growers looking for an easy leaf to grow in the outdoor/greenhouse.

The Shaman was developed to grow outdoors in Northern Europe. It is a fast flowering strain with above-average yields, robust and hardy. Shaman has a slender profile like a Sativa plant with long inter-nodal spacing.

Thanks to its feminized seeds, you can quickly grow Shaman. It develops into a strong but not overly tall plant and yields up to 500 g/m² when growing outdoors. But all the characteristics are also typical of a Sativa. It is a robust, hardy plant with huge buds and long internodal spacing that gives this plant an elegant slender profile.

The 60-70 day flowering period with high yielding and strong lateral branching is a unique combination for a Sativa dominant strain. As for climate, she will grow well in a cool or temperate environment.

Shaman has a light, easy-going, friendly high that feels more like a gentle euphoria than a stonier head buzz. She is a 'social' stone that will not make you feel introverted. Shaman is also a terrific medicinal strain.

This strain's smooth, fruity flavor and peaceful high make it a favorite. Shaman Feminized's energetic effects make you feel creative and light-hearted while also helping relieve pain, nausea, stress, anxiety, and a lack of appetite. It is ideal for late afternoon or evening sessions when the pressure of the day has worn you down.

This strain is an excellent option if you're looking for something floral and tropical. It has a terrific aroma profile, with heavy notes of tropical fruits and musk. The taste is similar to sandalwood, with clear sweet notes. And she gives the consumers a sensual high that will leave you feeling uplifted.

Shaman, a long-lasting sativa that was developed in the 1980s, is well-known for its outdoor performance. The F1 hybrid was created by crossing a Purple #1 with an Early Skunk. It is a mostly Sativa plant that does well in colder climates. 

Its leaves will turn mostly purple while growing, but this feature will be less noticeable after harvest and flowering. Shaman has found success indoors as well, thanks to its stable structure. Many growers use Shaman, from cups to freebies, from mom-and-pop operations to the most prominent players on the scene.

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